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  1. racoon

    freedoom map naming

    i wasn't thinking about this in legal terms; yes, it's all in the code and could theortically be used, but the texts and even map names talk of hell-spawn and hell and are specific to DOOM's original story, adapting these same text strings to another story (especially if it's not about demons invading from hell) might not work as well as if there's greater freedom in putting things together based on a new story (the two stories presented up to now speak of aliens but not demons, not that these are definitive). furthermore i had things like fredrik's very cool replacement for the chainsaw in mind; could that be called a chainsaw (as in 'a chainsaw! find some meat!'); if not, the text should change. and think about (ultimate) DOOM's texts, they mentions hellish stuff and specific locations relating to the original story even more than DOOM II, and the map names are completely hellish in some instances and wouldn't fit with a less 'hellish' approach in the threads about the iwad's name i've been reading about a concern to deviate from id's original theme as to not create an enmulation or direct replacement of DOOM but instead tend towards a new feel, different game 'universe' that runs with DOOM's GPLed engines. using id's text strings doesn't leave much freedom for creting something sufficiently different. saint_of_killers: yeah, but the names in small type appearing with the automap are hardcoded it would be a matter of weighing between having to work with a DEH patch and having more freedom to create something less similar to the overall idea of DOOM (without ever touching the gameplay, which is the genuine engine feature), or leaving aside the patch but having to adapt the resources closely to the hardcoded strings
  2. racoon

    freedoom map naming

    in the end, you guys are going to have to change the intermission texts, so, why not change the map names? you could start now before it's too late, as you havent finished most maps; some are already quite similar to the DOOM II maps, well, in that case keep a similar name then ('sewage wastes' instead of 'waste tunnels' for example) i'd take julian's basic story as a starting point for reference most engines will read an embedded dehacked lump; but you can also release freedoom with a loose deh patch for use with boom and other ports that don't you may argue against changing the map names, but you caertainly can't keep the intermission texts, so you might as well have more freedom with the map naming as well also, about the story; won't there be a 'ultimate DOOM' type freedoom? if so the initial story should refer to that, and an extension of it to the DOOM II freedoom IWAD (you could count up to 7 episodes for the whole story)
  3. racoon

    strain's strory

    i was playing STRAIN and earlier, while installing it i tried to check out the story, but on the installer it says you should check the site (the story is not in the texts either). the STRAIN page on geocities leads to some apparently dead page. is it really dead? and if so, does anyone know if the info is elsewhere? this isn't a big deal for me, but, if any one knows, do tell. thanks.
  4. racoon


    you just did post # 666 bye :/