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  1. Well, Escapist is going under. I feel like Yahtzee was only person who even remotely made people interested in that website.
  2. Judging from Monster Condo, they probably have to read sometimes.
  3. Screamapillar

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    TNT: Devilution, despite not being finished yet, has some absolutely gorgeous tracks. My personal favourites are TyraNt's Tomb, Dark Omen, Behind Bars, The Noose Tightens, an amazing remix of Cold Subtleness In TNT to Kill and Paddock's extended remixes of Aim Shoot Kill and Into the Beast's Belly. Special shoutout to @Bucket, and his creative usage of letters T, N and T in titles of his tracks.
  4. Screamapillar

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Poorly drawn man
  5. Screamapillar

    Chill WADs for unwinding, nothing too difficult?

    Doom the Way id Did, and its sequel. Pretty chill and fun to play.
  6. I think they just screwed up, otherwise I don't know. It sounds awful, and completely ruins TNT's and SIGIL's OST.
  7. Screamapillar

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    A bit unusual question, but I was wondering what is the joke behind name of the map 27 in D2TWWRI "Million IQ House". I understand names of most are puns or references, but I have no idea what this means.
  8. Screamapillar

    What is the best way to convert MIDI's to files like .mp3 or .wav

    Not sure if anyone still wants to convert midis from GZDoom, but if you do, here is the way (all credit to Dragonfly): - Drag and drop MIDI onto GZDoom.exe - Once in GZDoom, open the console. - In the console, type the following, replacing "MIDI_Name" with the file name of your MIDI: writewave MIDI_Name MIDI_Name_Export.wav * * fluidsynth * So you need to type d_runnin if you want to export track from first map. Names of tracks can be found on doomwiki.org.
  9. Screamapillar

    The Power Rankings: TNT: Evilution

    Wow, I haven't read whole thread originally, so I was really surprised when you put Stronghold as No 1. I really dislike that map, it's absolute pain for me. I do however like that you put Heck in top 10 - I feel like it's a really good map, and my favourite from last third of mapset. Also, Baron's Den is not worst? I have to finally play Administration Center to confirm it for myself, huh.
  10. Screamapillar

    Which Doom creators do you appreciate this year?

    I honestly discovered some of them previous year, but I appreciated their work more this year than previous (if that makes sense): @Cammy and every composer involved in TNT Evilution MIDI pack for creating a worthy successor of original tracks @Peter for making Master Levels more berable with his awesome MIDI pack @MtPain27for introducing me to some interesting WAD this year @Cheellofor his creation of absolutely astounding Voxel Doom, and making Doom enemies and objects 3D without losing their charm @Specterefor his D'Zoned! series and his amusing commentary on various shovelvare maps @Dwarsfor introducing me to Doom Retro and Nugget Doom, which became by go-to source ports when I play more vanilla-like Doom Thank you guys, and Happy New Year!
  11. Screamapillar

    Merry Christmas Doomworld!

    Merry Christmas to you all aswell!
  12. Screamapillar

    Favorite DOOM Music Track

    I have a special fondness for TNT Evilution's OST, from which I like almost all of new track, except for Infinite. From original Doom, I'd go with They're Going to Get You and from second game, it's either Shawn's Got the Shotgun or Waiting for Romero to Play.
  13. Screamapillar

    The Power Rankings: TNT: Evilution

    Heck is my favorite level in late third of TNT. It's not difficult, it does have nice visuals, and I like idea that for all of keys you have to go through 3 different paths, while having ability to tackle any part you want to first. I agree that it almost plagiarizes from Doom 2 levels, these homages could be done more subtly. Also, in Baron's Den, you forgot to mention what effect that 'DOOM' track have on this level.
  14. Screamapillar

    Story behind your nickname?

    I remember seeing Scremapillar and thought it was hillarious, so I decided to use it in as my name. It was a pretty short-lived fondness, but that little guy is still the best part about that episode. Lisa: It's sexually attracted to fire. Homer: Are you sure God doesn't want it to be dead?
  15. Screamapillar

    The Power Rankings: TNT: Evilution

    I'll admit, I like Lunar Mining Project. Maybe after playing Habitat, which just looks so goddamn ugly, it's nice to see something that actually resembles what it is named after. Living quaters of soldiers (as few of them as there is), ruins of temple in courtyard area and mines are really nice touch. Compared to Habitat it looks like Going Down. But otherwise, there is nothing to brag about. I feel like this was meant to be placed earlier in levels, like map 2 or 3, but in slot 23 it's just off. I would call it a welcome break, but following level is not much harder than this one. I nevery liked Bye Bye American Pie much, so TNT Midi Pack comes handy here with Doyle's Return of the Trouble, which is such a cute, playful track, that actually really fits with levels atmosphere. Quarry is quite ugly, boring, and only thing I like is how hell part blends with tech base part. I think that's because you mainly remember it from Focus, which itself is very cramped level. Unfortunately, not even new Lippeth's Terror Firma can save it for me, it's just bad.