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  1. Screamapillar

    How do people enjoy hard maps?

    I don't.
  2. Screamapillar

    What is the best way to convert MIDI's to files like .mp3 or .wav

    No, I used TNTmidi.wad, which lists its tracks as type "music (midi)".
  3. Screamapillar

    What is the best way to convert MIDI's to files like .mp3 or .wav

    I actually installed it recently, and while it plays midis, they sound really off. Not sure why Thanks, I did it, but when I typed in D_STALKS, it showed that it cannot find MIDI limp. I played the midi pack with TNT wad itself btw.
  4. Screamapillar

    What is the best way to convert MIDI's to files like .mp3 or .wav

    Hey, thanks for answering, from what I've seen, it seems to be the best option. But I would like to ask, how do I exactly do it? I know that when I type in console, some instructions pop-up, but what exactly should I do? When try to follow instructions, it shows me it can't load gzdoom.sf2, despite the fact it is avaiable in gzdoom soundfonts folder.
  5. I want to convert some MIDI files from TNT MIDI pack to .mp3 or .wav in order to listen to them on my phone. What is the best way to do it?
  6. Screamapillar

    Map11: Circle of Death, or 'O' of Destruction?

    I have question: Is there a reason why this map has two names? I understand both references, but always found it odd. btw, I prefer CoD, but OoD sounds cooler
  7. I like E1M4. Kitchen's Ace definitely helps, but overall, it's one of the best maps in Episode 1. The maze to yellow key suck tho, I'll admit. Also, E3M9, purely because of its gimmick. I think The Courtyard doesn't get much love, but it utilizes the gimmick of in-fighting so much better than any of Sandy's original Doom maps, that it's actually fun to watch monsters fight each other. I think it's because there is much more free space to move around, and manipulate monsters into attacking each other, but also because you get good amount of ammo to deal with them.
  8. Screamapillar

    Favourite menu music?

    Despite not meeting my expectations at all, Mafia 2 has one of the best menu themes
  9. Screamapillar

    What do you think is the worst Enemy in Doom II?

    Hell Knight is just when your order Baron of Hell from wish. With that being said, I love Baron, he is my favorite enemy in both original and sequel.
  10. Screamapillar

    What do you think is the worst Enemy in Doom II?

    Worst as of design: Hell Knight, just a baron with half health and different skin. Boring. Worst as of enemy to fight: Lost Souls. They are insufferable, how are they trying to mindlessly headbutt you all the time, and when you fight them, they fly across the map. Atleast they don't count to kill %.
  11. Screamapillar

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    Plasma Gun is amazing, it's my favorite weapon, and I was surprised when I heard that it is the most forgettable weapon in original DOOM. Also, my favorite original OST is TNT Evilution's.
  12. IMO, Doom would still have pretty big following, but for me, D2 was one that put very important finishing touches on original with new monsters, SSG, game format (32 levels WAD would simply not exist), mechanics that were not in original, and as you mentioned, deathmatching. Doom would still recieve atleast 2 sequels that would be completely new (like DOOM 3), but it would not be quite as important in history og gaming. Still, I do belive that even after almost 30 years there would be forums and people, who would fondly remember it. And, considering John Carmack eventually relased code, there would be mods that would improve or change the game.
  13. Screamapillar

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    Shawn's got the shotgun is best track in Doom 2. I know everyone really likes Into Sandy's City, but it doesn't pump me with adrenaline quite like SGTS. Also, while I love this track, I don't like it's usage in map 29. Getting too Tense is such a perfect penultimate track, and it's wasted on map 28 (that's nothing against map 28, I actually really enjoy this map).
  14. Screamapillar

    TNT MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    Definitely! Replacement track was great, but I was looking forward alot of SoCh remix. When I saw it was remade by Myrgharok, who composed my favourite track in Ultimate Doom midi pack (it was for E2M2, I can't remember its name), I was hyped and my hype was only confirmed, it's amazing remaster!