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  1. Donowa

    Which Doom map are you?

    imp encounter
  2. Donowa

    About usage of alpha stuff

    i don't think Doom 1 had waterfall textures, also iirc the monitor textures were also used in doom in e2
  3. this feels like i'm reading a ransom note
  4. Donowa

    AI Generated Title Screens

    input some of my favorite gameplay mods into neuralblender Reelism Col Cola 3 Deathmatch Simulator Russian Overkill
  5. Donowa

    What are some WADs that deserve a new MIDI Pack?

    me, i think that the midis in going down have rather dry or random instrumentation, and certain tracks can be really repetitive and have rather unpleasant notes at times. that being said, there are definitely some nice tracks in the wad, like the intermission theme or the music in going up
  6. why does d_romer2 have no set instruments? it's just pianos also d_dm2int has weird drumkits, and has several random instruments thrown into the beginning
  7. Donowa

    Mario 64 music mod

    there was already a doom game on the n64, and it's music was amazing
  8. speaking of colors, i think that some alterations with the doom palette (without changing the layout) would make the sprites look a lot better than they currently do. something like d4v's palette swap.
  9. i wish that the addons for stuff like upscaled sprites or hq sounds were available separately from the full version
  10. yeah but the steam wad is patched via a bat file, not a bps for the n64 rom
  11. I run linux because my windows installation runs at a tortoise's pace, how can I patch my steam DOOM64 wad without having to use wine or a virtual machine?
  12. Donowa

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Don't shoot; I'm with the science team!
  13. Donowa

    What's everyones opinion on Doom Online?

    I remember playing some matches via ZDaemon, Zandronum, and Odamex not long ago. Even at like 100 ping the matches were extremely smooth, especially in comparison to most of the TF2 servers I play on (even though my ping is usually 40-50 on those servers)
  14. Donowa

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    le cops have found me
  15. Donowa

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    An O holding a shotgun stock