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    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Don't shoot; I'm with the science team!
  2. Donowa

    What's everyones opinion on Doom Online?

    I remember playing some matches via ZDaemon, Zandronum, and Odamex not long ago. Even at like 100 ping the matches were extremely smooth, especially in comparison to most of the TF2 servers I play on (even though my ping is usually 40-50 on those servers)
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    le cops have found me
  4. Donowa

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    An O holding a shotgun stock
  5. I would check out Hairless Midi, but I don't know where the PPA repo is. I will still look into it, however. Also, get this- aplaymidi has worked before with both the USB to MIDI adapter and fluidsynth. However, for some reason neither work with Crispy or Chocolate when I try to set the aplaymidi command in the cfg file.
  6. That does nothing, i think you mean aplaymidi -p 24:0 (which is supposed to play the current midi for the level) Also I think I might've figured out one of the possible causes. When Crispy Doom boots up, it says that the SDL audio driver is pulseaudio, and the aplaymidi command uses alsa. I think these 2 might be conflicting with one another, causing aplaymidi to not work. I'm not entirely sure though, I'm pretty new to Linux so you can correct me all you want. EDIT: Wait nevermind, pulseaudio and alsa aren't conflicting.
  7. Nah, I personally want to keep my 88. Besides, I think the problem is related to how I'm configuring the software, not the device. UPDATE: So I think the MIDI isn't working in crispy cause it doesn't have permission, I looked at the terminal and it keeps spitting out this error:
  8. Just had a listen to the YouTube upload, and I have to say that I love what's on display here! I love how most of the tracks use more electronic and unusual GM samples (e.g. soundtrack, square waves, birds, reverse cymbals, etc.) to create something unique from most other Doom WADs. It reminds me of Descent and ROTT. I do have one question, however; do any of the tracks use Roland GS? (the midi standard, not the wavetable synth)
  9. Yes it does, but for some reason I can't figure out how to use it with crispy or chocolate. I tried putting snd_musiccmd "aplaymidi -p 24:0" into the cfg and it didn't work. I assume that I'd need to put something after the port number to make it work, but I don't know what I'd need to put in there.
  10. For aplaymidi -l I got this: aconnect -o gave me this: So now I know that I should use port 24:0 for hardware MIDI, however the device still doesn't show up in GZDoom. Thanks!
  11. Donowa

    What will happen if I called ID software.

    you will win the game anyways, back to the topic, I saw some reddit posts where people called the number, and it just lead to a credit company, which isn't the worst in my eyes
  12. Donowa

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    +1 Doom II Midi OST Remake by @Kolibri +1 TNT Evilution Midi Pack by @Cammy et al +1 Duck2 by @Eggman07 +1 Reelism 2 by @Kinsie et al https://reelism.dog/
  13. Gonna bump the thread, since I basically re-wrote the entire OP anyways so I feel like it's necessary. I've been unable to find any guides for this that aren't useless and/or outdated. The ALSA wiki is horribly outdated, to the point that you're better off asking your dog. There's an article on the WineHQ Wiki, but it was last updated in 2016. I've found a couple websites that had people asking about this issue, but the answers usually address different problems. If anyone can link me to some tutorials for hardware midi on Linux, please post them in this thread so that it can help others.
  14. Donowa

    What do you think of Windows 11?

    I, myself, decided to switch to Linux Mint soon after the Windows 11 announcement. I was fed up with the bloat of Windows 10, and 11 looked like more of the same. So, I started to look into Linux distros, and decided on Mint. It's been a few weeks, and I enjoy Mint quite a bit.
  15. Hello. I'm looking for help with using MIDI on Linux Mint. I want to use my Roland SC-88 for MIDI playback and recording, and to do so I am using a USB to MIDI adapter. Specifically, I am using one that shows up as a QinHeng CH345 MIDI adapter in System Information. The problem is that I can't seem to get it to work at all. I've tried it with aplaymidi and multiple doom source ports, and neither worked. I know that aplaymidi works on my PC, I've tried it with fluidsynth and it worked, so I think it's a problem with the adapter. I would greatly appreciate any help regarding this issue.