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  1. WhatTheDuckXD

    Mess hall - my map :^)

    I do like it, but it is plain looking. Besides that the gameplay is fine here and it is still enjoyable.
  2. An idea i had for a while is a spinoff game where the Slayer and The Quake Ranger met up and fought enemies in each others universes. It would be specifically CO-OP.
  3. Blood is a great game and all and i really do want to beat it, i just suck at it.

  4. WhatTheDuckXD

    Source port: EDGE-Classic v1.1 release

    Is there a way to uncap the FPS? It's stuck at 35 for me. I already tried looking through the config and everything and can't find anything.
  5. I had much more fun than expected with this, one of my new favorites for sure, the last few levels were a pain for me but it felt great to beat them. The Rise Of The Triad midi's were just the cherry on top, such great songs in that ost... anyways, good job Clippy!
  6. WhatTheDuckXD

    Map for Doom 2 --> Run Faster

    Good job! Really had fun playing this!
  7. Can't wait for christmas! Hopefully i can finally get more Doom stuff! Already beat Doom Eternal on console already and i'm still trying to decide if i should get it on PC or not.

  8. I was fighting the Icon Of Sin for fun with the Doom 4 Vanilla mod and a Spider Mastermind spawned. Never seen that happen before. Well, the more you know i suppose.

  9. WhatTheDuckXD

    "Dead Starport", Vanilla 1024 map. (Takes minutes to beat)

    A short but really great map! I'm obsessed with short maps and really can't explain why.
  10. WhatTheDuckXD

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Doom 2 was always kinda meh for me. I like the new enemies and such but there are several levels i just can't stand like downtown, but there are levels i like. 5/10 for me.
  11. WhatTheDuckXD

    Doom E1M1 Remake (Vanilla)

    Great map! I've always liked the idea of remaking Doom 1 levels!
  12. I wish new source ports were easier to find. I love testing source ports but with me rarely finding new ones i can barely do that. But i understand source ports take time to make.

  13. WhatTheDuckXD

    Broken Whipsers: short spooky GZDoom map.

    Great map! Definitely one of the best spooky maps i have played!
  14. WhatTheDuckXD

    Nugget Doom 1.9.1 (June 24th, '22)

    Recently tried this out, it is now one of my favorite source ports out there now!