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  1. spo0n

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    yeah spoon.zip it's crappy tho
  2. spo0n

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    spoon.wad (personal unfinished map) UV-Speed in 1:45 Video spoon-0145.zip
  3. Ultimate Doom E1M4 HMP-Fast in 0:25 Demo: e1m4hmpfast0025.zip Video:
  4. Ultimate Doom E2M3 NoMo TAS in 0:26 Demo: e2m3ox0026.zip
  5. Ultimate Doom E3M2 NoMo in 0:32 Demo: e2m3o0031.zip
  6. Oceanside Map03 NoMo TAS in 0:53 ocean03ox0053.zip derust to rust again
  7. spo0n

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    ok so im trying to get back into doom and trying to remember this one wad i played like a year ago so im just gonna list everything i can remember -it was a slaughter megawad (unsure about this part) -all the levels were key based and kinda like puzzels -first level was a castle like structure surrounded by lava and had a pain elemental final fight (also eye door switches) -another level involved collecting key on some shifting platforms -there was a level set a huge coliseum -there was a level where you had to be very careful walking on thin plains (use of a lot of wooden textures) -lastly i remember a level that was very white and gray with toxic goop and pipes
  8. That seems to only work with GZDoom, I personally use the PS3 wad from internet archive to play it as it allows for continuous play on all source ports (i own doom 2 and the master levels on steam). Also crispy doom autocombines them into one and adds it to the new game menu if you have all the wads in your crispy doom directory.
  9. I love old/early maps for games for doom and quake as it shows a less advanced time in mapping and some really creative maps basically forgotten about by time, in my opinion i think the master levels are pretty good and better than tnt and i really like the design of the levels and texture use. The only real problem i have is that on modern sourceports it's kinda hard play due to it being multiple wads instead of a megawad though there are methods. Overall good map pack from the 90s
  10. spo0n

    Scythe demos [-complevel 2]

    scythe Map01 UV-Speed in 0:16 sc01-16.zip Video:
  11. I'll redo the runs btw, they are standard times any random joe could easily do
  12. tbh i wasn't even thinking about complevels when i recorded the demos lmao. well there goes all my grinding efforts 🙃
  13. E3M1 HMP-Speed in 0:40 e3m1-0040.zip Video: