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  1. Darkhaven4

    [newproject] Doom Chronicles

    I can help out on this. XDoom is sorta on hiatus right now, so I've got alot of free time. And by the way, there may have been a-many before me (*cough*Shadowrunner*cough*, but I am the #1 retarded at the Doomworld forums. Check the sig. And, DD_133... Heh, Family Guy owns you. This is going to Post Hell because of me, isn't it?
  2. Darkhaven4

    Doom 3D Viewer + Update + Memory Stats

    I'm really sorry for being a troll but that just sounds so fucking dumb. Like that Chiclets commercial. And Japanese people. But, being-a-total-asshole aside, this is a pretty cool program. I tested it with Pandora Tomorrow. Just to give you all an idea how big it is right now, it crashed the viewer. Without Things.
  3. Darkhaven4

    "Runaway Script 3 Terminated"

    It worked. #include "zcommon.acs" Script 1 (void) { While(Graf_ZahlIdea=1) { Print(s: "\cG Darkhaven4 sucks"); Delay(1); Print(s: "\cG I own yuo fagot"); Delay(1); } } Heh.
  4. Darkhaven4


    When I load up my Decorate.lmp in Doom2 for use in one of my mods, it says " / is an unknown actor property!" Here is the code from the decorate.lmp... ACTOR Strife2Acolyte 12000 { Health 80 Radius 20 Height 64 Speed 10 PainChance 200 MONSTER +FLOORCLIP SeeSound S2Acolyte/sight AttackSound S2Acolyte/rifle PainSound S2Acolyte/pain DeathSound S2Acolyte/death ActiveSound S2Acolyte/active Obituary "%o was gunned down by an Acolyte." DropItem Chaingun Damage 6 States { Spawn: ACOL A 10 A_Look Loop See: ACOL ABCD 4 A_Chase Loop Missile: ACOL E 20 A_FaceTarget ACOL F 8 A_BulletAttack ACOL E 4 A_FaceTarget ACOL F 8 A_BulletAttack ACOL E 4 A_FaceTarget ACOL F 8 A_BulletAttack ACOL E 20 A_FaceTarget Goto See Pain: ACOL E 3 ACOL E 3 A_Pain Goto See Death: ACOL G 5 ACOL H 5 A_Scream ACOL I 5 A_Fall ACOL J 5 ACOL K 5 ACOL L 5 ACOL M 5 ACOL N -1 Stop XDeath: ACOL G 5 ACOL H 5 A_Scream ACOL I 5 A_Fall ACOL J 5 ACOL K 5 ACOL L 5 ACOL M 5 ACOL N -1 Stop Raise: ACOL NMLKJIHG 3 Goto See } } Can anyone see what the fuck leads the game to believe I'm defining / as an actor property? EDIT: Also, here's the SNDINFO entries for the Strife 2 Acolyte... // Strife 2 Acolyte = 12000 S2Acolyte/sight dsbrgsit S2Acolyte/death dsbrgdth S2Acolyte/active dsbrgact S2Acolyte/rifle dspistol S2Acolyte/pain dsbrgpn0
  5. Darkhaven4

    Favorite full weapons replacement

    bf-cdoom.wad. I'm not joking.
  6. Darkhaven4

    Episode 3

  7. Darkhaven4


    Dark Citadel and Courtyard I came up with off the top of my head; I didn't know they were copied from other Doom games. Hangar's there because it was in the Doom bible... The rest I knew I was copying ;) And by the way, I *might* make a connection with doom2.net soon, so don't worry about that.
  8. Darkhaven4

    "Runaway Script 3 Terminated"

    I have a problem with my scripts for a map I'm working on right now for Hexen. See, when I define my variable (now known as EttinsKill0) and when the player kills an Ettin near the front door, it adds 10 to the variable. This all works perfectly fine. However, when the counter reaches 20 (player kills two ettins) I make a call for a door to open. It may not be too serious, but it's still a problem; After the door opens, I get the message, "Runaway Script 3 Terminated." Problem with that is, I put an "ACS_Terminate(X, Y);" command at the end of the script but I still get this message. Here's the scripts that cause this: #include "zcommon.acs" int EttinsKill0 = 0; Script 1 (int arg0) { Thing_Activate(arg0); //Activate the Ettin "statues" } Script 2 open { //Animated Floors stuff Delay(10); ChangeFloor(2, "X_007"); Delay(10); ChangeFloor(2, "X_008"); Delay(10); ChangeFloor(2, "X_006"); Restart; } Script 3 (void) { EttinsKill0 = (EttinsKill0+10); while(EttinsKill0 >= 20) //When the counter reaches 20... { Ceiling_RaiseToNearest(4, 50); // Open the door with tag 4 } ACS_Terminate(3, 1); //Terminate Script 3 on MAP01 } Does anyone see anything wrong with this script?
  9. Darkhaven4


    Guitar: Hiding the Secrets *Refueling Base Music* Halo main theme Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams Adrian's Asleep The Healer Stalks Countdown to Death Getting Too Tense In the Dark Piano: Hiding the Secrets... That's it.
  10. Darkhaven4

    Defining Variables?

    How exactly would one go about storing a variable in a script for activation later in a map?
  11. Darkhaven4


    http://outpostomega.freewebsitehosting.com/wads/XDOOM.7z Here's the latest version of XDoom. I'm really sorry, but you need 7Zip to unzip it. I couldn't upload it any other way.
  12. Darkhaven4

    Icon Of Sin Tutorial

    Thing limit for anything in Doom is 32768. In ZDoom it's 65536.
  13. Darkhaven4

    SNES Doom mod

    I just got alot of patches resized and packed up inside Bashe's wad; along with the floormaps. So Job, everything done so far (I think?) is inside one wad.
  14. Darkhaven4


    Nobody said anything about it being in a DEH patch; This project is for ZDoom, remember?
  15. Darkhaven4


    SOME KIND OF FUCKED UP UPDATE: Started adding rooms and detailing E1M2 today. Plus, I found a version of the Unmaker by Scuba Steve on his "bitch-ass weapons emporium" site.