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  1. larsboy

    WAD suggestions?

    Just read Ten years of Doom - the best wads for each year, and/or the Cacowards for each year since. http://www.doomworld.com/10years/ http://www.doomworld.com/11years/ http://www.doomworld.com/12years/ http://www.doomworld.com/13years/ http://www.doomworld.com/14years/
  2. larsboy

    Cannot run eternal doom, last resort

    It's not really clear from your post what you are trying to do, but if you're trying to use the 10 year old DOS front-end that came with Eternal in a modern operating system, you shouldn't be surprised it doesn't work right. Just run the wad with a modern port (GZdoom is good), like any other wad.
  3. larsboy

    Doom Turns 13!

    I can't believe nobody has mentioned Power Station (vile_pwrout.wad)! I thought that was one of the all-time greatest (z)Doom maps. The way you explore, and open up the level by restoring power. The great use of textures and detail, and wonderful use of slopes. The hard but fair gameplay. Some might be turned off by the size and complexity, but I think those are great qualities when handled as good as this. Also, Blowup is a great map, and would probably be in my top 10 for 2006.
  4. larsboy

    New Doom 2 Pinball

    There's a newer post about it: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=33704
  5. larsboy

    Doom 2 Pinball available now

    kaiser_k_bis is the person hosting the table for me. As I said in my first post, the webpage is his, not mine.
  6. larsboy

    Doom 2 Pinball available now

    Thanks for the comments Linguica, I appreciate your constructive critisism. It seems your main problem is you're having too hard a time hitting the upper playfield. All the different modes have a lot of fun and variation. They're not supposed to be easy to start, it takes some practice to get good at it. I'm not too good myself, but the people who play a lot of Visual Pinball find it easy. With some skill on the upper playfield, you can take down all targets without loosing the ball back down. Also, lighting locks is done on the upper playfield, and the regular multiball use the Icon of Sin. Three other things also use that fourth flipper, but they are harder to get to. Most uses of the Icon shot require multiple balls in play at once, so while the shot itself is very easy, it can be very challenging to do it at the same time as you're juggling balls on the lower playfield. You say worthless loop, so perhaps you missed the part about shooting cyberdemons? You need to load the shotgun to shoot cybers, and killing one lights a powerup which can be very valuable. Most pinballs are hard at first, when you don't have experience. I find there's more to do in this pinball than in most others I've tried. It allows you to mix and match powerups, multiballs and modes for many combinations, so you can develop strategies. But after all, it is just a pinball. I find it a limited type of game (much prefer dooming), but I very much enjoy designing pinball tables. I limited the music lengths, as Visual Pinball is not very good with music formats - all the music is uncompressed wavs, and I didn't want a bloated filesize. I find very little wasted space here. Personally, I am happy with the design and find it fun to play. But it was nice to hear your opinion.
  7. larsboy

    Doom 2 Pinball available now

    You need a newer version of Visual Pinball to avoid the crash on exit with Windows XP SP2. Try the VP links to get a download. Sadly, VP is an old and far from bug-free program that hasn't been updated in a long time. I made this table several years ago, and only released it now.
  8. larsboy

    Doom 2 Pinball available now

    Someone has provided hosting for my new Doom 2 Pinball. Screenshot and download available here: http://www.kutek.net/larsboy/ Note: to play it, you need Visual Pinball.
  9. larsboy

    New Doom 2 Pinball

    So there's no interest in a Doom 2 pinball game here?
  10. larsboy

    New Doom 2 Pinball

    Hi. Some of you might remember a couple of Doom pinball tables I made for Visual Pinball some years ago. I continued working on pinball tables, striving for much higher quality, but didn't release any more. I made a new version of my Doom 2 Pinball, vastly superior to the released version, and it was pretty much finished when I lost interest at the start of 2003. I hadn't touched it since, but a personal message right here on Doomworld got me to finish it for release. I'll release it shortly. It is based on my earlier Doom 2 Pinball, but I remade it from scratch, and the quality and amount of work put into it is at a whole different level. It is made to play and look just like a real, modern pinball machine. Is there any way this can be hosted here at Doomworld? I have screenshots and a flyer showing the playfield and detailing the rules, if anyone wants them or have some place I can upload them. Larsboy
  11. larsboy

    how long does a doom level need to be?

    Short maps are fine, but imo a singler-player level shouldn't be short if it's a single-map pwad. I think having a pwad with a single, tiny map is a bad idea, loading up a wad and being done with it after five minutes is no good. A wad with several small maps can be good. So if you've made a small map, make some more before releasing it.
  12. larsboy

    The /newstuff Chronicles #222

    The link for "Real" points to a sound wad by that name.
  13. larsboy

    The /newstuff Chronicles #221

    Funny how the review of Hide and Seek refers to this 1994 map as a modern map.
  14. larsboy

    SLADE again

    It sounds really promising. A better 3D mode than DB, with support for slopes, would be great!
  15. larsboy

    Backwards legs (mysterey solved)

    Cool info, nice to learn something on a Doom forum :-) Oh, and the reason the devil and his hellspawn were portrayed with goat-like legs, is that before christianity a goat/man hybrid was a common form of god, like Pan for instance. When christinaty wanted to be the only right belief, all other beliefs were portrayed as evil, so that symbols like the goatman and the pentagram, which used to be good, were used as symbols of evil. Basic PR, really.