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  1. Damn it, I was scanning the linedefs and did not see it at all. Thanks for that, I’ll put back the original then
  2. There was no music in your wad. Add some if you want to :)
  3. Gibbon

    Shovelware Society #21 - APOCLPS2.WAD!

    Glad to have the sandwich master on this one
  4. Gibbon

    Shovelware Society #21 - APOCLPS2.WAD!

    Damn I missed this. Ill edit the OP with the wads…. Phew. I’ll give it a go later too.
  5. Gibbon

    Doom 64 now available on GOG

    The price is indeed fantastic! Just bought it, really love what GOG are doing lately.
  6. Ok, I've done the DOS binary, modified to remove the vertical mouse movement, add all mapnames (except the final two from dark pulse and endless), I've added a credits list for the MAP15 secret exit (I added a secret exit into MAP15) and replaced all the DOOM2 intermission texts with my own. I also added MAP33 - 35 onto the statusbar display so those mapnames are used as well. It's coded to automatically load PANDORA.WAD. The code is based on the gamesrc recreation, so direct all your thanks to them. The link is updated.
  7. Oh good! I was having issues with doing a decent credits roll so I'll use that instead! I'll add a UMAPINFO credits intertext after MAP35 instead. A lot of cleaning :D
  8. Gibbon

    HROT: Slavic baby of Dusk and Quake

    It is quite popular amongst my Czech gaming friends. A lot of folks know about it.. it is funny seeing all the original communist names of the Metro, Gottwaldova instead of Vysehrad..
  9. Yeah, you had like 80 in those teeny tiny sidedefs. I deleted all but 8 on both and it is now playable. Vanilla limit is 64. New basewad with a fixed map10 is up!
  10. Added a new basewad. Fixes: MAP04 is made more reasonable for pistol starters by adding a BFG with ammo on all difficulties (thanks to the double cyberdemons making it all but impossible otherwise). MAP10 is fixed, removed all the junk inside and added default textures to all the unknown ones, making it Choco compatible (almost). Several other maps were MAP01 instead of their actual slots, so this was changed. All duplicate TEXTURE and PNAME lumps are removed All custom textures removed MAP01 has been modified to not overflow visplanes Notes: Somes maps crash vanilla when noclipping out and looking around due to visplane, solidseg etc.. but do not crash in normal gameplay, I will allow this. MAP10 has too many scrolling sidedefs for vanilla - @thiccyosh - you can remove the scrolling sidedefs or I can? The wad is now perfectly clean, all maps have their designated numbers, all maps have their MIDI file, except maps 33 - 35 which do not have any designated midi's as they are officially 'unsupported' but still work.
  11. Thanks a lot! Perfect stuff. Tonight I will be on DOSBOX going through the wad and will be starting to fix maps that crash vanilla and try to get deutex to behave itself.
  12. I will be editing maps that do fail vanilla limits and yes some maps were a slot one internally or had some music jumbled around, no idea why deutex is duplicating files though like TEXTURE that should only happen once.
  13. Thanks! I’m testing it on vanilla DOS once I get time. I don’t use Choco.
  14. @Dark Pulse and @Endless you both have MAP14 and MAP28 respectively. The 1 week mapping deadline begins now :)