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  1. RetroAkaMe

    Best Way to Play MIDIs?

    nope. it doesn't open, that's it but ill install it too
  2. RetroAkaMe

    Best Way to Play MIDIs?

    I use VLC and WMP to listen to midis, period. Nothing else, just VLC and WMP
  3. RetroAkaMe

    Best Way to Play MIDIs?

    Virtual MIDI synth doesn't even work for me, either I uninstal it or either I listen to no midi.
  4. RetroAkaMe

    Dark Zion

    vewwy nice for a new member
  5. RetroAkaMe

    Need To Replace Imp Sounds.

    https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Origins_of_Doom_sounds Don't get fooled by the name of the page, find the sound by description.
  6. RetroAkaMe

    GRAVED beta

    Ahem. He did two actually, but whatever
  7. RetroAkaMe

    GRAVED beta

    The (fifth) screenshot in this post is now obsolete, the map has been remade due to being too simple. Here's the new version
  8. RetroAkaMe

    Crazy Weapon Ideas?

    Archvile arms. Now you can burn your enemies. Shotgun launcher. The weapon takes your shotgun and throws it to your enemies.
  9. RetroAkaMe

    What is your Specs?

    I have an Nvidia i9 (I think) 8gb of ram and an AMD Radeon
  10. RetroAkaMe

    GRAVED beta

    You didn't ;) I myself realized I was just fucking around
  11. RetroAkaMe

    GRAVED beta

    He did one
  12. RetroAkaMe

    GRAVED beta

    I fixed it but Womneare didn't put it yet