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  1. RetroAkaMe

    Longest Doom break

    Right now.
  2. jshshshdddhdy

    Hey y'all I'm back! A year ago I'd be mapping on my second Doom project. One of my favourites. It's called Blending Hell. Just goddamn today! September 18th makes it 1yr old. Gosh I'm surprised. Anyways, projects:

    Due to Blending Hell being 1 year old, I'm thinking of improving and continuing the project. A better fried chicken wad! You have to kill all the chicken to exit. And if you kill the pigs... Ḑ̵̟̮̞̝͓̈̊̽̋̈́̆̾͒͊̎͒͘̕͝͝͠i̶̞͈̻̩̣͕̿̀͗̄̑͌͂̕ͅe̸̹̜͔̰̜̯̤̰̓͗̋̊͂

    Anyways, the pig one was already planned long ago, that's not because of Techno but also because of Techno now. I'm gonna participate in the Nanowadmo! Anyways, all of my maps will now be hosted on my personal website: https://retroakame.com/ (I hate .com domains) 

    Anyways here's funk 2: https://retroakame.com/wadfiles/funk2.wad


    Actually no don't click i-

  3. Also, my patience for mapping is very minimal. I spent (almost) a whole year working on a project and all of my maps were retired because the owner didn't like them. A few were bad, but some were him just being completely harsh. The other project I participated in I felt also very unwelcome because I was constantly forced to modify my map (trying to) just for the person to force me to do so to insult it. And it was good-looking. Yes, I've retired from both projects and probably will never work on a project ever again. I'm gonna be mapping alone.

    1. thiccyosh


      Sounds like you're going through a very rough patch right now. Really sucks to hear man... Always remind yourself Doom isn't running away from you. So if you feel like you need to catch a break then take one. Don't force yourself to map. It's never fun for you, and for the player who plays your maps.


      Btw you don't need to listen what other people say to you and your maps (given you actually cared for your work and accept critisim), people here are asshats sometimes.


      Take care, have a nice day.

    2. RetroAkaMe


      I mean I know for sure I'm not participating in a community project ever again but you might see me someday doubleclicking the Ultimate Doom Builder shortcut.

  4. I'll probably be back in ar. October. I've been dealing with depression and been busy.

  5. Alr, alr guys. Imma have to map with Eureka the rest of the eternity because my pc doesn't seem to support Doom Builder. 💀

    1. RetroAkaMe


      It just breaks but I'm gonna give it a second chance to at least run Doom Builder X.

    2. ZigfriedYoshimitsu


      Just use good old classic doom builder 2. Looks a little blurry but still runs on modern windows like a charm. 

  6. Playing Doom in a 32gb of RAM PC is a breeze

  7. RetroAkaMe

    Some of my older maps

    I think I'll be the first to play them... I'll just finish my stuff that I'm doing rn. Also, THE FORMAT
  8. Damn. Java, yes, Java has been the reason why I haven't really done anything. Yeah. I'll just wait till I get my PC.

    1. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      wow, haven't seen you post in a while lol

  9. I haven't been mapping because I can't. Yes, I have my computer broken but next Thursday I'll maybe be able to map a little. See ya!!!

  10. RetroAkaMe

    Losing Interest In Video Games

    It's happened to me before. Don't worry, mate, it appears and then disappears.
  11. RetroAkaMe

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    GZDoom player select.
  12. I have a Discord server! https://discord.gg/FAEH7pHZCQ

    Paf helped me make it, it has some projects, it has stuff... blah blah blah... It's just pretty much an FPS server.

  13. Hey y'all! I've decided that from now, I'll be making normally one map per month. Not less but more is possible.

    1. RetroAkaMe


      Other thing I should say is that I'm gonna make sequels to my funk wad. I liked the premise of it and it being single-map allowed me to focus on a single map instead of having to stress with multiple.


      Another thing, you should follow my twitter! RetroATM

  14. RetroAkaMe

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    I mean as long as you dont fuck up the design, sure
  15. RetroAkaMe

    Angry Quilt 3 - Big Game Hunter (for Doom 2)

    That's very disrespectful of you, you should know. I didn't like your square, it was too much modernized for me, and now you're calling my square ugly? Hello? twitter.com?