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  1. Seraph


    Best of luck to you!
  2. Seraph


    Does anyone out there know who ran DeimosLab, or alternatively was involved with it and would be okay with sending me the html from the site? I own a 'Doom Level Domain' myself (PhobosAnomaly.com) and would like to preserve a copy of DeimosLab for Doom historical purposes. I just think that it's a shame that it's gone. Cheers.
  3. Seraph


    If you're playing AV on ZDoom 1.23 beta 24 - stop right now. The fucking thing crashes halfway through level 30. You know that's gonna piss you off.
  4. Seraph

    a question...

    I was thinking that there could have been 'anomaly' structures placed around Earth as well as on the moons of Mars. The fact that the one's that the military knew about were either under major cities or had been stolen and hidden by the Nazis in world war 2 meant that they couldn't do any major experimentation on them. But when anomalies were found on Phobos the military could experiment on those with no probs. Then either the gateways on Earth opened accidentally as the Phobos anomaly was triggered or the gateway creation was deliberate - the military, or some shadowy elite, knew exactly what they were doing. More details in the Doom section on: http://www.phobosanomaly.com for those interested in the Doom plot.
  5. Seraph

    Dreams are cool

    I'm fairly new here so I guess you've exhausted the discussions about DOOM dreams long ago (like dreaming in pixellated textures, the hanging corpses dreams and so on). I was just wondering if anyone had had any dreams from DOOM utilities? I remember in the old days I used to get DEU dreams a lot where I could do things like create doors in walls by adding new vertices, linedefs and all that stuff and voila! the door would be there....
  6. Seraph

    About "HELL REVEALED" megawad

    Try ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/themes/hr/ It's the HR.Zip you're after I think.
  7. Seraph

    Furry Doomers.

    *reads furry FAQ* I like reptiles. Mainly anthropomorphic Dragons and such. They are the best in invocations for improving concentration, morale and motivation. But not everyone's cup of tea I guess.
  8. Seraph

    Curiousity cannot be concelead

    http://members.aol.com/dmchess/sldoc.html About 2/3 the way down.
  9. Seraph

    Curiousity cannot be concelead

    Your doubts do not make it false.
  10. Seraph

    Curiousity cannot be concelead

    From the readme file: Q. Why's it called "SLIGE", anyway? A. SLIGE is an acronym for "Space Llama Interment Gazelle Expert".
  11. Seraph

    Home Pages

    http://www.phobosanomaly.com It's got a lot of empty areas at the moment but most of the Doom stuff is there. See what you think.
  12. Seraph

    Doomworld feature idea

    I like Zaldron's idea about getting together some questions and putting them to the id guys. - And not only the current id posse but those that were there at the start like Tom Hall and Sandy Peterson. Let's get the good stuff from the source.
  13. Seraph

    Lost: Deimos Anomaly

    Yeah that's a strong possibility. On Doom2 you can see the landscape warping the closer you get to the portal, each level being freakier than the last, so the question is how much of the original Deimos architecture remains - and is it enough to locate the anomaly?
  14. Seraph

    Space Sky on E1?

    I've had a look at that Betalevl file with MBF and I'm not convinced. If that is the space sky that Romero was on about then they didn't just remove the space sky - they changed the landscape as well for the shareware version. Why? Well it looks cool, but...? It's a mystery for now I guess.
  15. Seraph

    Lost: Deimos Anomaly

    Does anyone have any ideas where on level E2M1 (Deimos Anomaly) the actual anomaly itself is? On E1M8 you've got the little marble block with a demon face on it which presumably is the Phobos anomaly but on Deimos? At one point in time I thought that the entire section of the level done in marble might be inside the anomaly. Following this line of thought you might say that every marble area on Deimos was there before UAC built their bases: they just built their installations onto the already existing marble structures. Taking this a step further perhaps there are so many marble structures on Deimos because Deimos itself originated in Hell? Any thoughts?