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  1. Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    Well, what do they say? Rome wasn't built in a day? Take all the time you need. I sure as hell ain't impatient. Just for fun, a 2004 thread I found - Doom 64 is the true successor to Doom 2, and the real Doom 3. http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=2701037
  2. Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    @FirebrandX, Yes, the option is 'autorun' which is not quite the same. I think there was a trick of sorts, that you couldn't start running from a dead standstill with the button pressed. You had to do it a fraction of a second after you'd already started running forward. So with autorun on in EX, it does this tricky button coordination for you - most of the time anyway. I'm sure you're aware that Project64 hasn't been updated in quite a while. I don't know what parts of that Kaiser is using and what comes from Doom3D (I've never played.) Prolly, if you played any other N64 games on PJ64, you know the emulation is rarely 100% perfect. I'm not enough of a techie to know or understand where it fails. An IWAD generated from a ROM is amazing! 1000 questions I might have about how that is possible do not belong here. I notice a lot of this type of thing in other N64 games - pixelated outlines and such that I know were all blended out on my TV playing with the console. Maybe it's some sort of Open GL-type blending that is yet to be implemented? About sound though, again I'm ignorant. Do you know how Elbryan made mp3s from whatever the ROM format is? I mean, they don't sound like midis. No midi has that kind of echo/reverb and depth that Doom64 tracks do. I have enough electronics wisdom to know what you are talking about with filters and such, but I don't understand these formats.
  3. Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    Seems you guys were right, and I just needed to master having a 'run' button since there is no 'always run' option. Nasty comments rescinded. - At level 19 now. My Alien Laser fired through the window where the Soul Sphere is, but powered-up with all three keys so this doesn't confirm or deny the earlier report Death-Destiny made (page 3) that it didn't. - I did get shot through the wall at the start room. This was a known and listed bug, but the first time I experienced it (dodging mancubus fire). - I saw the funny slime floor in Spawned Fear. It only had pieces of the sky in the slime when the floor grid was raised though. Dreaming again maybe, but is there any possible way to implement some form of the passcodes the console had? I remember trying to save power-ups so I could finish a level and start the next with as full health/armor/ammo as possible. Then I could write the code down (in the back of my Prima Strategy Guide) to go back and play the map whenever I wanted. I know you do have the 'warp to map' and other cheat commands, but that ain't the same as it would give me things (some weapons and special keys) that I couldn't actually have found playing normally. Also there is no cheat to get 200 health or armor (though it was not always possible to get both from maps that didn't have a Soul Sphere or blue armor in them to begin with.) In short, the passcodes were earned and not cheating, and I'd like to have some way to do this other than trying to manage 6 save slots. IE: 'm18_wmd_doomsav1.dsg' etc., and renaming the files back and forth to play them. So I had to do this with Absolution, but it would sure be nice to have a better way. :)
  4. Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    accidental double post
  5. Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    Windows XP SP2 AMD Sempron 2800+ (1.5Ghz) 1GB RAM ATI Radeon 9200 video card (DX 9c) Running EX in 640x480 Higher resolutions make the menu fonts smooth out a little bit, but I think only OpenGL is going to take care of the jagged transparent texture edges. Yes, well I cursed those Midway guys many times playing map 06 on the console, but then it was only that dang rising/falling platform that gave me trouble. 10-12 times trying and I'd eventually get where I wanted to be (and thinking, "Dipshits! This is DOOM! Not Super friggin Mario Bros!") I had the same trouble in Absolution, but never had any problems getting past the 3 switches/floor lifts until playing EX. I could always go click, click, click, but now it makes me wait for one to finish doing it's thing before I can click the next switch, and the last one falls before I can get across. Your prolly right and I just need to set mouse button 2 to 'run' instead of jump (and learn how to use it!) I only ever went to the bother of enabling features and jumping to get through that damned level 06. I think I even wrote in the walkthrough that jumping will get you into far more trouble than it will ever get you out of. Seems you can't jump as high to grab keys off platforms, so it isn't even as useful for cheating as it was in Absolution. (There are a few places where he should block jumping though, like the low wall to the Left at the start of map02, where I can hop over to the exit switch and finish the level in 5 seconds) I'm all for adding monster infighting to the features menu then. I'm sure you are quite right that it was an option developers could turn on or off for any map. I'd like to be able to do so. {request hint!} :) And no. I love Project 64 for a dozen other games, but Doom64 is not one of them, and I won't be entering the code to check out level 17 or any other. There is just no way to configure any plugin to be as smooth controlling as EX is
  6. Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    @myk, I do trust Kaiser to port things properly, as he always has done, to the best of his ability as far as I know. Maybe I'm crazy but I think he did change this monster infighting in "Even Simpler". Regardless of it using the original ROM data, I think he changed this and I am disappointed with the result, so voicing my complaint. Nintendo gamepad controls cannot compare with full (Quake-like, key setting) control a port can offer. Once playing Doom with mouselook and keyboard WASD I can't go back. {as an old man - Can never teach an old Dog new tricks} Kaiser tells me to check with an emulator! You stubborn ass! You KNOW I'll never even make it to map 17 using Project64 and the best controller configuration I can muster, let alone be able to fight and possibly survive it. There is no way to make it through map 06 either, without cheating. "Run" is not enough to get through those rising floors. The third falls before you ever have a chance to cross it. No one else ever had this problem? {might be engine timing like you are trying to figure out?} Might be the same problem as the end level. Yes, we should be able (if we have the keys) to go click click click and shut off the portals. Wait for one to close before you close another is wrong. Again, maybe I am totally outta turn of what Doom64 was on Nintendo. I dont think so, as I could finish the final level in about 30 seconds with all keys. 36 seconds was my personal record.
  7. Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    As this is a feedback thread for a test release, that's what I'm trying to write. I do realise that technical improvements are far more important right now than gameplay issues, so please forgive these comments. I agree that monster infighting is an unfair player advantage at times. When an enemy on a higher platform hits a lower enemy, for example, the lower one just stands in front of the platform trying to get to the higher one, and waiting to be cut down by chainsaw. That is wrong. Getting monsters to fight each other is a fun part of original gameplay that I do remember very well, though I don't remember the original very well anymore. Not enough to know where and when monsters did fight with each other. (Too many years playing Absolution) If you are certain about where you use that no infighting flag then that's fine I suppose. As the developer, you have every right to make it however you want. All I'm trying to say is that it was a fun and alternative playing style that I would wish for you to keep intact. Jumping into the arena full of Arachnotrons and Barons, and trying to get them killing each other without firing a shot and dying myself in the process is a serious rush. Meaningless words of an old man: In restoring and preserving a Classic, better to add more options than limitations. *** On the technical side, someone previously mentioned the sky moving but this is the first place I saw it, in level 10, "The Bleeding". Not sure if it's useful or not. What is that strange image that stays on the horizon? *** @FirebrandX, That box is great! Like a comic book though, to try and preserve paper as a collectible is a nightmare. How do you keep it in such sweet condition without a hermetically sealed mylar bag and 2" of styrofoam around it? Either that, or Texas air doesn't have as much humidity as I imagined it did.
  8. Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    Wondering why I can't save ammo when playing "Even Simpler" by getting the Caco's and Hellknights fighting each other, I only found this in the changelog: + Implementing MF_NOINFIGHTING flag Same thing in "The Bleeding" now that I noticed. Enemies can damage and even kill each other, but they don't fight back when accidentally hit like they're supposed to. I'm certain that monster in-fighting worked in the original version.
  9. Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    What I meant is that both audio sliders are at maximum and the music cannot be heard while playing. I cannot turn the music up loud enough to hear if there are any other sounds, even being close to a moving platform or door opening will drown it out. Overall volume, stereo, and distance work perfectly. Being nearer to moving structures or enemies makes them sound louder, and I can definitely tell which direction it comes from. Seems that with the music slider at maximum, the music volume should be equal to the FX volume, but it isn't. In other words, music volume seems about 5-10% of what other sound in the game is. The game sounds are always disproportionately louder than the music no matter how loud I turn up my speakers. I can't find anything in the .cfg files or documentation, but are there any other console commands or parameters that can adjust the internal mixing/balance between FX and music? @FirebrandX, Well I know my machine isn't that powerful and dang near froze when I tried a higher music priority. As Project64 and Absolution both run fine with great sound, I'm hoping to get this working better than it does for me is all, and that doesn't seem impossible. :) Edit: Yes, you are right. I now have music priority high and running without any trouble (must have had something going on in the background before.) Still having the same complaint with music volume being way too low, only now convinced it has nothing to do with priority.
  10. Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    Yes, music does work on priority lowest. Any higher priority and the game engine runs unplayably slow. With Music and Sound levels both at maximum, (and with no separate FX level) it's impossible to hear except when every enemy in the map is dead, and with my speakers at ear-splitting peak volume, so I consider that "no music". Seems like sacrificing one part of the atmosphere for another. I prefer the eye-candy and won't even play any other Doom with the music on, but I do hope you get it working better. We know all that data is already in the ROM as PJ64 plays it the way it should. Maybe something like being able to add '-file d64mus-s.wad' to the Launcher parameters could still be an option if nothing else works though. I figured I was probably mistaken about the crushing ceiling. I haven't played the Nintendo version for 5 years now. Time to search out an old walkthrough and make some notes... Regarding monster spawning, you have a skill level setting in the launcher as well as in the game, so does one override the other? Maybe this is what happened and I only imagined I was playing a higher skill.
  11. Doom64 EX (Feedback build) Now at v1.1c

    Wow, almost a month late in finding this! I can finally see what you meant though, about Absolution just not looking right. This is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations, and thank you!!! So far, only two problems I've had are: * Must be played without music - major disappointment there. :( * Very slow transition at level ends (the dissolve between activating the exit and getting to the stat screen.) Some minor problems I'm not sure about as it's been so long since I played the original. Might be just my poor memory: * Hectic; Ceiling of Arachnotron room does not fall until they are dead, then it crushes only once and returns to the top. When finished, it starts level 02 instead of returning to level 01. * Terraformer; Bull demons in the Chaingun ambush room just dance around in circles. It used to be a fight for life standing in the far end as 2 at once can attack the player there. Now they don't come after me at all unless I move out into the room more. * Main Engineering; When the yellow key room is opened, only 1 Cacodemon and 1 Imp appeared (along with a swarm of Lost Souls.) Playing on "Watch Me Die" skill, there should have been 6-8 of them to teleport in. Maybe a case of getting stuck in holding pens? Windows XP SP2 AMD Sempron 2800+ (1.5Ghz) 1 GB RAM ATI Radeon 9200 video Doom 64 (U) [!].z64 (exact ROM size you listed in the read-me) Amazing to read posts here these days. Strange it is how attitudes change over time. I remember so well a few years ago when "Doom64 sucks" and "It should not even be considered Doom" were common opinions of this Greatest Doom version of all time. :)
  12. Doom 64: The Reckoning released!?!

    Thank you Mr. Searle :) Very nice work! Your skills and style have improved greatly since 'Redemption Denied'.
  13. Where to find new monsters ?

    Very interesting jobro. I downloaded and tried to run Blender thinking the same thing, but couldn't understand how to use it at all. I was thinking of suggesting the same using clay models or miniatures and a digital camera. (like IdGames and others actually did) Most of the sprites in the Star Wars TC's were made using the Kenner action figures. I also never knew that about EditArt either. I used Dragon UnPACKer to extract the sprite images in .art files INDIVIDUALLY, then another program to resize and convert the palette. Man. This could have saved me a lot of time and headache a year ago when I was working on all this for a Blood TC! :) Mewdoom, you also just check through the IdGames database here and download some of the mod files in the "combos" section. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?dir= Lots of cool stuff to use that might work for what you need, just give proper credit to those who spent the time making them.
  14. Changing level names.

    I made those Bitmap Font Writer fonts, not that I want any credit. I am just happy someone uses them. Bitmap Font Writer is a great, small, and free, easy to use program I am glad to contribute to. Just as easy as renaming the .bmp to CWILV?? as stated to make a new map name and import with XWE or Wintex. The level names are not limited by the Doom engine. My friend, Doorhenge, made it possible with Whacked2 to have map names as long as we wanted in our BloodTC project. I don't know how, but I can find out if you need.
  15. Where to find new monsters ?

    You can rip enemies from other games with the proper tools. Build games (Blood, Duke Nukem, Witchaven, Redneck Rampage, Shadow Warrior, etc.)have free tools to do this.