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  1. So we have a kitten who we "rescued" from the street, and she's a big fan of human food. I find it annoying, my girlfriend finds it adorable. Today the kitten jumps on the table where I'm working and sticks its nose into my plate. I pick it up by the scruff of its neck, so it spazzes and kicks over my coffee. ALL OVER MY LAPTOP.

    Tonight: kitten steak.

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    2. Grazza


      The "saving it for later" and "this is shit" gestures are very similar. To me, the only indication which is which is whether the cat has eaten some of the food first.

      The white cat sometimes seems to confuse even himself. Upon being given some food, he'll meticulously do the "covering this shit up" action from every angle, complete with the sniffing action. But sometimes he gets a whiff of a smell he likes, and starts eating. I hope he doesn't do that when he is actually covering up his poop.

      Edit (in response to the post below): and don't even get me started on Mr White's water-drinking rituals. They're cute but utterly baffling.

    3. bytor


      We keep the cat's water dish in the bathtub because she has to do lots of scratching before drinking from it and will hook a claw on the edge of the dish which makes a big mess. We tried using a heavy bowl but she still hooked it and knocked it around.

      Then she'll insist that we dribble water out of the tub faucet so she can sit there and use it to clean herself.

      She stands next to the tub and bitches up a storm when we take a shower. I guess she thinks it's her tub and we're not allowed to use it.

      Doesn't do any scratching before or after eating, though, but insists that the food be fresh out of the bag.

      Won't touch the litter in the box. It can be fresh, new litter. Balances on the edge of the box and then scratches the wall to bury it. Then she heads for the tub faucet to clean her paws. "meow meow meow meow..." "Ok, I'm comming! Jeez!" Gotta get up and go turn the faucet on.

      She's a real pain in the ass but we love her to death. Very verbal and shows emotion.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Bucket said:

      The stickum they use for some of these labels is disgustingly powerful, and it stays on unless you use some pretty powerful rubbing alcohol.

      Yeah, taking them off really isn't worth the time. One of mine recently started sliding off because my palm has been sliding over it for three years so I flicked that one off. The other is still firmly planted there and I see no need in leaving sticky residue where I've peeled it off.