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  1. I was hoping to sell my netbook before Christmas but it looks like it's going to make a habit of destroying hard drives. This is now the second to fail in as many years and I don't even use it that much. I thought I could delay the problem by installing Linux and moving the partitions away from the front (where the damage most likely is) but it still throws errors every time I turn it on. I'm not about to ruin another drive on it just so it can work long enough to sell.

    A working machine is the difference between selling it for >$100, and selling it for chump change. I was considering buying a cheap SSD but I may as well keep it if I'm going to spend money on it...

    The other recourse is to sell the rest of my desktops, like I originally intended. This means I probably won't have spending money before Christmas, because they just don't move like they used to.

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    2. DoomUK


      Bucket said:

      The other recourse is to sell the rest of my desktops

      Being Christmas, how about donating one of them to Maes? ;)

    3. Bucket


      Only if he promises to install Win7 on it.

    4. 40oz


      I know this sounds kinda lame but instead of buying people gifts, you could make a gift or do some kinda favor for your friends or family in lieu of buying them things. It's a little more work but in the end, the gifts are more personalized and memorable. Last year I made my brother a Team Fortress 2 shirt with some printable Iron-on paper. It's a little faded but he still wears it. Way better than a JCPenny gift card or whatever.