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  1. I have a laptop that I want to do a fresh install on. Unfortunately, the OEM key is for original Win7 (SP0, if you like) and the only download links I can find are for SP1. Searching torrents and risking being on a botnet is a last resort for me, so does anyone have any legit links?

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    2. Quasar


      What makes you think SP1 won't take your key? It should if it's the same OEM version, at least. If not, that's where you'll run into trouble (it will check ACPI for the OEM SLIC).

    3. Bucket


      I don't think it will because it didn't.
      The Service Pack number has to match. But like I said, it's been taken care of.

    4. Maes


      Quasar said:

      What makes you think SP1 won't take your key?

      They never did.