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  1. I've read that RAM with different CAS timings will default to the slowest timing. So this readout (if accurate) is really puzzling to me. Unfortunately there is no way to change the timings manually in the BIOS. Does anyone have sufficient experience to tell if I should be concerned about this? Some sources say this is fine, others say this will shorten the lifespan of the memory sticks.

    1. Bloodshedder


      I'm more concerned that you apparently have modules rated for DDR3-1600 (800MHz) and yet they are running at DDR3-1333 (667MHz). Since MHz is really what matters more in the end, I would address that first. Also, make sure XMP is selected in your BIOS if you can, but since this is apparently a laptop I wouldn't be surprised if you can't.

    2. Bucket


      Yeah, laptop BIOS, not many options available. I'd assumed the two things were related. Maybe the difference in timing was causing them to default to a lower MHz. I'll probably just buy another stick of the faster RAM. It would be easier than returning it and buying slower RAM...