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  1. Anyone ever see this?


    If so, are there others like it?

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    2. Bucket


      Hellbent said:

      They used photographs of faces as the pixels to make up the image of a face that took up the entire front cover of Time.

      I believe that's now a standard Photoshop plugin called Collage. Could be wrong, I haven't bought PS for four whole versions.

      Korn said:

      On tv once, I saw a guy that could 'paint' using a typewriter. He would put the paper in at odd angles and type, then move the paper around, type some more. Yeah.

      Was he using actual sentences?

    3. Chopkinsca


      Numbermind said:

      Was he using actual sentences?

      Just individual letters, numbers and symbols I believe.

    4. Hellbent