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  1. 1. My sleep schedule is all fucked up. I'm going to attempt to stay up until after work today, which will have me awake for 32 hours for no reason.
    2. My ex doesn't want to have sex with me, even though we agreed to kind of stay together because we're not interested in anyone else.
    3. Due to #2, she's making new friends at the new job we both work at. And I'm not.
    4. Due to #3, everyone at work thinks she's cheating on me.
    4 1/2. You'd think that would get me more attention from the girls at work, but it doesn't. I might as well be a laughingstock.
    5. The reason why I'm not making new friends is because everyone I sort of hang out with wants to do nothing but get high all the time.
    6. My ex complains that I don't make enough money, even though I don't need it at all, and am working at home.
    7. My working at home isn't paying off yet.
    8. My brother-in-law, who is working at home with me, insists that I learn how to program, even though he's a fucking programming genius and I can't so much as learn VB.
    9. My dad is putting pressure on me to move back home and go back to college.
    10. There's never any food in the house except for junk food.
    11. My sister feeds her son nothing but junk food all day and then complains that he never finishes his dinner.
    12. Apparently, since I work the least amount of hours away from home, I'm supposed to do the most housework. But this is taking away from time I could be learning how to program.
    13. Having no support doesn't help, either.
    14. My brother-in-law doesn't want to learn Java, even though our project isn't nearly ambitious enough to bother writing under C++. Hell, it could probably be made in Flash.
    15. Even if our current project succeeds, chances are slim we'd agree on what to do next. He claims he's "done making kissass games that pander to stupid people", yet we could never be organized enough to make a completely new game that blows every other online game away.
    16. Back to work-- the owner of the store claims that I "give him attitude" because I don't walk around with a shit-eating grin on my face.
    17. That and the fact that I'm not the fastest person doing my job(I'm a busboy at a restaurant) might get me fired.
    18. There are people faster than me because they do a half-assed job, and part of my job usually includes doing work they skipped out on.
    19. With that in mind, corporate enstated new standards requiring my kin and I to be more thorough in our work.
    20. Included in this new agenda is the fact that I have to set tables. Most customers would be disgusted to see the person who takes dirty dishes off tables putting silverware in front of them-- or maybe I'm crazy.
    21. Cleaning a table now requires at least 3 trips back and forth from the kitchen, because of the silverware thing(have to wash my hands) and the fact that we can't use buspans anymore.
    22. ...Unless it's completely necessary, which translates in my mind to "don't use buspans unless your work is backed up due to the fact that you have to carry dishes in your hands".
    23. Did I mention that this basically reduces my productivity by 75%, on top of the fact that I might get fired due to "low productivity"? Double-you tee eff?
    24. My big expensive stereo skips on every CD, to the point where I have to fast-forward through the first track to listen to it. There isn't any record store in the area, so I can forget about buying laser cleaner.
    25. Speaking of CD's, I can't find half of mine, because my brother-in-law likes to take them without asking to play in his truck. If he holds onto them long enough, he'll claim that they're his.
    26. My sister bitches that my cats pee all over the place, scratch her son, and are antisocial. I try to explain that cats tend not to like an unfamiliar-smelling house, a hyperactive golden retriever, and a loud, even-more-hyperactive kid who likes to drag cats by the tail or tries to smack them with their catnip lure.
    27.My explanation falls upon deaf ears, so I may illustrate to her one day the sensation of a three-foot-long plastic stick with a fuzzball on the end of it at high velocity.
    28. Speaking of the cats, I can't afford to buy them litter and food all the time. But I do. My ex often puts the responsibility on me, yet I clearly remember telling her that I can only afford to share the expense of ONE cat. But of course, the cats were allegedly brothers... so a compassionate girly-girl can't be brought to separate them.
    29. My only good friend is currently in Poland with a girl he plans to marry. He may come back, or may not, or may decide to take a roadtrip across the country when he returns. Whatever his plans, I'll most likely still be in this same chair trying to update a website or something.
    30. Christ, I have at least 30 problems. Plus, I'm thirsty. There's nothing to drink except soda. My sister's never heard of fruit juice, I suppose.
    31. I sleep too damn much. I slept for 12 hours yesterday, and I wasn't even tired. Well, I'm tired now-- and I need to be up for at least another 8 hours. For some reason, I don't ever feel as if I've gotten enough sleep.
    32. I'm playing Final Fantasy 11 right now, and my character is lacking. The people in this house claims that this game is sucking away most of my time, yet I meet people in the game that are somehow able to support a job/relationship/family/company and still level up twice as fast as I do.
    33. My hair looks like shit. The hair on the side of my head apparently likes to defy gravity and stick straight out. My head looks like a bell.
    34. Did I mention my sister has a dog? A golden retriever? They wonder why he's hyperactive. Duh, maybe because he spends 20 hours a day in his cage. Not only is that inhumane, it's downright stupid. He's never going to wind down if he can't so much as stretch out a couple times a day. I let him out, and 30 minutes later he's chilling out in the corner. Am I the only person in this house capable of training a dog?
    35. My nephew woke up a few minutes ago, and already he's screaming about something. He probably did something stupid like kick the cat, got in trouble for it, or whatever.
    36. Speaking of which, my sister's way too lax with punishment. My nephew's a manipulative little fucker. He'll get in trouble, get punished, defy his punishment, get yelled at, throw a tantrum, get sent to his room, stall a bit, and pretend he didn't get punished. And his parents are OK with this??!? If that were my kid, I'd put the fear of God in him.
    37. I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do if this project is a success. Say I move out, start out on my own, watch the money roll in from the website/game or whatever... then what? I want to do music, really. Where does music fit into this? Music is what I'm good at. Hell, I don't know...
    38. My sketchbook is collecting dust. I can't so much as write a journal entry. I can't write a few words on how my day went. I just don't think it's worth it. And art? Please, I'd be lucky to think of a good idea worth drawing. My commitment in that area is severely lacking lately.
    39. Work today is going to suck. Well, it won't be so bad today-- but Saturday will be awful. With all this stupid shit I'm now required to do, and the fact that I KNOW it's going to put me behind, well... it's not something to look forward to, let's just say that.
    40. It's like everyone in this house lives in a cave or something. Put a fucking light on when you watch TV, will you? Jesus, like it isn't obvious enough that I'm the only one here that DOESN'T wear thick glasses.
    41. Oh, and not to compound an insult, but try to take the dog for a walk once in a while. Take it from the second-least heavy person in the house(yes, even my ex who is not particulary chubby, weighs more than I do).
    42. My sister's a few months pregnant at the moment, so I'm supposed to be "extra nice and helpful" from now on. First of all, I'm responsible for the dog not shitting in the house. I'm responsible for the cats, I wash dishes, I vacuum, I clean the bathroom, and god knows what else.
    43. If we're talking about "being nice and helping out" I've got everyone else beat overall. Fuck them. Hell, her husband works 150 hours a week for NO REASON and when he comes home he acts like sitting at a desk all day is tiring work-- tiring enough that he doesn't lift a fucking finger except to make himself food.
    44. My ex does the same exact thing. Every once in a while she'll do dishes-- which is her claim to fame, since she doesn't use any dishes-- and she won't hesistate to use that defense. The only other work she does is laundry on the off chance that clothes are already in the washer when her work uniform needs to be washed.
    45. I think I already mentioned she constantly reminds me that I need to work more. But I didn't tell you that she's a hypocrite. She'll spend god-knows-how-much money on marijuana every week. She can't go a day without it. And she'll go shopping every other week for clothes that she doesn't need or books she'll never read.
    46. That's another thing-- my manager thinks I'm so expendable? He'd better think again. I'm one of the VERY few people at the store who'd be able to pass a drug test. What, does he think the Mexicans work faster because it's GENETIC? Wake the fuck up.
    47. My mouse sucks. I can't use it half the time, and it always dies when I or some application changes the resolution or rendering mode. So, 3D games are RIGHT OUT. It's a hassle just to get it working with Doom. Half the time I have to restart the fucking machine.
    48. If I walk in this weekend and I'm told it's my last week, my manager and I are going to have some WORDS. Although I can't decide if I want to argue with him about how he's wrong and there's no good reason to fire me, or tell him to go fuck himself and find myself a new job.
    49. My girlfriend insists on listening to rap all the time. Hell, I like rap(to a degree), and I know she likes it, but this is overkill. She has the fucking Top40 station on all the time, and if I hear one more song by Chingy or P. Diddy or 50-Cent, I'm going to the fucking radio station and burn it down.
    50. Huh. Made it to fifty. I kind of feel better now... my fingers hurt, though.

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    2. Bucket


      AndrewB said:

      Poor nutrition is a problem that just magically sorts itself out?

      Actually, it's not like I eat all the junk food-- well, some if it. But I either eat at work or bring home stuff like eggs, milk, non-sugar-loaded cereal, fruit and such. Amazingly, I'm the only one who eats the little nutritional food that can be found in the fridge.

      But I'd rather have one good meal a day than eat nothing but chips & salsa or cookies.

    3. AndrewB


      Don't wonder why you're tired after 12 hours of sleep. You generally need to do better than that.

    4. zark


      Life sucks and so do you.