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  1. Here's a new game to replace the others which don't work out well. Very little organization is required for this game, so it's perfect for Blogs! Rules:

    1)Name a videogame. It can be from PC, MAC, console, arcade, TC/mod, or whatever. Board games and such qualify obviously if a videogame has been made from them(not sure what that excludes, but yeah).

    2)The next person must name another videogame. This game's FIRST LETTER must be the same letter as the previous game's LAST LETTER. So for example, if we start with "Doom", someone can respond with "Mario Bros". The next person has to think of a name like "Spyro The Dragon".

    3)Numbers aren't counted. Games like "8x8 Eyes" would be considered starting with "E". In addition, games like "Starfox 64" obviously end with "R". In the odd chance that a game starts or ends with a symbol, it's ignored. "Zombies Ate My Neighbors!" is not "Zombies Ate My Neighbors Exclamation Point".

    4)No game name must be repeated. If no one can think of a name without repeating one, the last poster wins!

    So let's start off with....

    "Far Cry"

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    2. Darkhaven4



    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Numbermind said:


      *wins obscure WAD fan award*

      I remember that one. :D
      Welcome to Yakworld, we hope you enjoy your stay. :D
      And Mr.Green vs Mr.Goatman. :D

      Anydoodle to the game...

      dot.wad. :D

    4. Bucket


      EDIT: shortened the code a lot. Wouldn't want to host the entire Id webpage here, I think.