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  1. A special section of the Blogs forum where you have to describe your day in a Haiku. For all those who don't know what that is: it's an ancient form of poetry using three lines. The format goes like this: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

    The lines don't have to rhyme and aren't limited to one verse or anything; so if you're so inclined, then please-- allow us to drink in your creative genius. As for how my day went:

    Drove out for cheap smokes...
    Shame Delaware is a shit-
    Hole or I'd live there.

    Mental preparation
    For kissing ass and meetings;
    Being rich will suck.

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    2. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      Blogs forum now sucks,
      No fun, freedom or funney,
      It's RIP blogs.

    3. Danarchy


      Blogs change, morons whine
      They should all be beaten hard
      It is better now

    4. Bloodshedder


      Blogs used to be spam
      It's not the end of the world
      Get a grip you jerks.