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  1. Yeah, it's about 10:30AM, 75 degress and sunny. I just spent the entire night on Teh Intarweb. I just grabbed another cigarette. Now I'm going to light it. I just lit it. This is the extent of excitement in my life for the past few days. I'm going to change the CD now. My stupid 60-disc changer broke about 30 minutes after the warranty expired, so... this(and $200 down the drain) is what I have to deal with. I just put the Best Of Talking Heads on.

    Anyway, all night I've been reading the history of a weird online group called the SFA(Shaq Fu Army). They based themselves in gamefaqs.com on the Genesis Shaq Fu board. Apparently this is what people do with their free time-- claim topic boards that belong to publically trashed games and form factions that war with each other. Apparently their "leader" was banned from the site about a year back over a misunderstanding, and now they have a deep hatred for the website.

    These guys have done a lot of subversive stuff to get revenge against trollers on their boards-- hell, their shaqfu.org]homepage has pictures of their enemies which they got by posing as girls in chatrooms and whatnot. Supposedly they foresee bringing about the end of GameFAQs(which they claim is plagued by sloppy moderation and irresponisble administration); whether or not this would be by their own hands is unknown to me. I headed out to join this group just to see what happens. Hell, if a bunch of immature spammers like the LUEsers can almost close down the website, imagine what small sects of organized, clever people can do.

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    2. rf`


      ToXiCFLUFF said:

      You have a taste in music not common to people around their teenage years, that's all. And uncommon compared to what I've observed in the people on the two forums I frequent.

      Heh. I'm 18 and I listen to Alan Parsons, Queen, and Steve Miller. Avidly.

    3. Bucket


      Update: It's 3pm and I'm still awake from yesterday. I did get sleep yesterday, but not enough to warrant me staying up until now.

      In other news, my sister is coming tonight with 2 cartons of tax-free nicotiney goodness. I love you, Delaware.

    4. Gokuma


      Gamefaqs has been going to shit.

      I highly respect CJayC.

      The forums are infested by complete morons including those dumbshit clans. They can't read and quickly drown out any useful information posted or intelligent conversation going on.
      Many moderators have always been overly sensitive and inconsistent cocksuckers and delete anything questioning them. Someone once moderated a post of mine after it was up for weeks.
      Sometimes threads mysteriously disappear for no reason when not nearly enough time has passed for them to be purged. Seems to be a glitch.
      There has been a noticable decline in site quality since CNET (the assholes who killed mp3.com) bought it.
      Drop-down box links don't work.
      Perfectly good FAQs have disappeared from listings under games.
      Example: World Cup Soccer for NES, my faq and someone else's are gone from there but can still be found under our contributer pages and mine can still be found listed under the PC-Engine Duo version (Nekketsu Koukou Soccer). Error notifications have been sent and nothing has been fixed.
      The new site design is completely screwed up. I have to scroll a screen to the right to see a bunch of stuff and an advertisement overlaps over navigation links at the top.

      I can't blame CJayC for finally passing off some responsibility to others and it's amazing how he managed to maintain so much by himself for years but damn it's just a mess now.