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  1. ...And no, it wasn't sexual.

    It started with a weird triangular town(where all the streets were laid out in triangular fashion), where it snowed or something(the ground was white, at least). There was a cul-de-sac in the middle of a large field where I was playing some extreme sport involving cluster bombs being thrown by people riding small vehicles... possibly ATV's or snowmobiles. It was fun for a while, and I got some pretty insane stunts out of it. So far, cool dream. After I did this, it got dark and I decided to go home. I remember getting into a truck with some old black guy who was a friend of mine, and noticed that we were driving through a bad area of town. People were jumping out of their houses from second-story windows for no apparent reason. I made the assumption that their front doors were broken.

    I remember that I had to walk back to my car because I didn't want anyone knowing where I lived. Instantly, I was dressed up in a tux and headed to a wedding-- no cutscene, I was just instantly dressed and ready to go. When I got there, the wedding was over and people at the reception(my family) were disappointed and angry that I missed it. I tried explaining myself by using the excuse that I didn't remember where I had been and had probably been mugged or attacked. Then I started to believe it myself. The weirdest part was while I was defending myself-- this odd-looking spider was crawling up my leg.

    It looked kind of mechanical and rectangular, with 20 legs up either side. The legs were straight and multi-jointed, and it moved a lot like a caterpillar. I tried to shake it off, but it had a good grip. I tried to get a hold of it, but it instantly wrapped its legs back around and grasped my hand. That's where I started to panic. Even weirder is the fact that one of my uncles was sitting at a table watching the whole thing, and had a nonplussed attitude about it. "Oh, look out, that thing's dangerous. Oh, see, you shouldn't have tried to pick it up, now it's going to eat you."

    Obviously this shocked me enough to make me wake up with that creepycrawly feeling, checking myself to make sure that the thing wasn't still on me. Anyway, I slept for a maximum of 2 hours... but that can't be right, because people generally don't start dreaming until after 4 hours of sleep. Can't say it's not unusual for me, though. So anyway-- what's it mean? If you guys think this is odd, I'll share my infamous "hospital" dream with you sometime.

    1. lupinx_resurrected


      Uhhh...did a spider bite you while you were in bed?

      I found the part about your uncle commenting quite comic:)