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  1. A new blog activity: tell a story about the first thing you can ever remember. I think mine comes from when I was about three or four...

    I used to get up REALLY early every morning, ask my parents to make me cereal, and then go watch cartoons. We're talking like 4:30 was a natural time for me to wake up. Probably because I kept getting sent to bed early. Anyway, my parents understandably get tired of this, so they decide to leave a bowl of cereal and a cup of milk on the bottom shelf of the fridge for me when I get up. Also, they make sure to turn the TV to the cartoon channel before they go to bed.

    One time, I woke up my mom because I was still thirsty. She said she'd get something for me later. I go and find myself something to drink. I woke my mom up again to tell her I wasn't thirsty anymore(obviously an alarm goes off in a parent's head when their kid implies they took care of something themselves).

    My mom tells me that I got one of my dad's open beer cans and decided to chug that for a while.

    There's another memory that involves me dismantling my crib at under two years of age, but how I did it exactly isn't clear.

    *waits for the 'I remember squirting out of my dad's dick' stories*

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    2. Job


      I seem to recall coming out of a dark, constricting area and toward a bright light...if memory serves, it was me emerging from my mother. With her help of course.

    3. Planky


      The doctor slapping my mum.

    4. sargebaldy


      I know I remember my youngest brother getting born.. I was 3 years, 1 month old. I also remembering having memories at one point (the memories themselves I can't recall) of stuff that happened before that, even including sucking on a bottle.