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  1. OK everybody, time to be hypercritical.

    I made a quantafire.com]webpage for a product specializing in internet research, where people can use our software to author online surveys. We consider companies like Zoomerang and Perseus to be our largest competitors.

    I need to test this webpage for multiple browser compatibility, overall design(though it's only a placeholder, really) and I'd also like some feeback on certain other things:

    1) How well is the product presented here?
    2) In what areas could more explanation be needed?
    3) What first impression did you have as to the size of the company?
    4) If you're inclined to take a quick look at our competition, please state how you'd rate us against them.

    That link again:

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    2. Bucket


      Thanks for pointing out the Mozilla problem. I also confronted some issues with IE for Mac. The Mac stuff I can understand, but I'll have to look up just what kind of demographic Mozilla has-- because let's face it: internet research isn't really a "by Slashdot-loving geeks, for Slashdot-loving geeks" enterprise. We have a broader target-- large corporations-- and most of that customer base is running 99% Microsoft software.

      Fortunately, our actual software(which runs in .NET) is compatible with at least IE 5.5, and the surveys that are being generated are compatible with browsers as old as IE 3.0. For kicks we tried running the generated surveys in Mosaic... well, that wasn't too constructive.

      Anyway, I'd like to hear more impressions on our company image-- I know it's hard because the complete website isn't live yet, but there should be something you can gather from the demo's presentation itself.

      As to "WHY THE FUCK WMV", well... as I said before, it was a matter of aesthetics. The .SWF looked cartoonish and empty. Graphics that clear tend to take something away, but I'm not sure what. I get the same reaction running Doom in 1024x768.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      Try w3.org

      They'll validate your HTML, and tell you why it's messed up. I've had problems making IE and Mozilla cooperate too.

    4. Erp


      I use firebird .7, all of the text is too small and this text

      "Quantafire offers the power of the desktop over the Internet for Professionals to Create and Administer Online Surveys"

      needs to be about 5 pixels higher. the bottom is cut off.