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  1. quantafire.com]CLICK

    Doing some testing on server traffic, seeing if we can get a good amount of hits. Feel free to comment on the design as well, if you're so inclined.

    If you don't care why this website exists, don't read this paragraph:
    My partner and I are releasing high-end online research software. You can tell by the Pricing page that we're shooting for larger companies. At any rate, 95% of our target clientbase will be running IE 5.5+ under Windows. The surveys themselves have to be much simpler: reaching as far back as IE3, and obviously a wider range of browsers including Mozilla and even WebTV. While large companies may have the latest and best (Microsoft) software, their clients may not.

    So, yeah. If nothing else, just enter the site, and click any links you find for a minute. Thanks.

    1. Ralphis
    2. insertwackynamehere


      It looks great in IE, but in Mozilla (not Firefox, regualar Mozilla) it looks like a jumbled mess. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, and your site looks great when it's displayed correctly in IE, but that's what I see in Mozilla :(

      However it does say it requires IE on the front, so I guess you shouldn't worry. However in the future I would suggest figuring out what makes the site visible in certain browsers only, and tighten up the HTML a bit. However IE is what is used mostly in this day and age, and looks great like that.

      EDIT: w3.org is a great place to validate code. Here's some errors it found: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.quantafire.com%2Fdefault2.htm

      Keep in mind that you shouldn't take all of the errors too seriously, since you don't need to include every attribute for every tag, but it can point out some stuff you may have missed. Of course it's not foolproof so don't follow it blindly, and if you don't understand what it's trying to tell you (which happens to me many times) then don't worry :D

    3. Bucket


      Yeah, browser capability is definitely an unavoidable issue we'll have to tackle once our clients start activating the online surveys. There'll invariably be issues with deprecated code; considering we'll basically be generating the surveys in HTML 1.0, it'll be more in my area of expertise(since I always seem to be trailing behind a few years learning anything code-related). We were having debates on allowing frame support, just so our clients can have their logo, nice and still on the top of the page... that got pretty ugly. Anyway, I see W3 becoming my good friend in the months to come. That is, in case Dreamweaver MX doesn't know what the hell it's looking at-- which is more common with new code than old.