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  1. Yeah, today I had some cake & ice cream for my birthday last week. Whoo, what fun, all of 6 people were there. Apparently everyone's jealous because I had cake last week(we had it again because no one was around last week). Well, I'd pass up both cakes if my parents invited everyone out to a nice expensive restaurant LIKE THEY DID FOR THE REST OF YOU SELFISH PRICKS THIS YEAR.

    Anyway, my brother hands me a CD by Modest Mouse as if he had any clue about what kind of music I like. I can't say I don't like this particular genre or whatever, but this is about as bad as it gets. I just heard the entire record and I can't tell one fucking song from the next. Whoever invented this loosened-drumkit midded-out-guitar dirty-bass alternative sound should be SHOT.

    Well, I did get tickets to a concert which is good. Even though now I have to go to my brand new job and request a day off... so, yeah. I vacuumed today too, which is nice. My sister left the kid with me because my brother-in-law thinks watching the pre-game show in the bedroom alone is more important. He'd better watch himself, because if his attitude continues he could find himself with some pretty crappy visitation rights and a hefty child support payment.

    And that's about it. Happy birthday to me.

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    2. Coopersville
    3. American Idiot

      American Idiot

      Modest Mouse? Oh god, make the voices stop!

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      where is my slice of this cake?