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  1. I went to the Phil Collins show in Philly last night. He's what, 54 years old now? And the guy can still put on a show. Anyway, it was pretty cool. He made it known that this is probably his last tour, so he was going to play a lot of hits. And he did. The guy pretty much defines the 80's, and his experiemnts with jazz and R&B probably earns him the title of grandfather to modern pop music. Phil Collins is the closest I will ever get to listening to pop rock, and some of his obscure stuff is amazing. Not all candy-coated drivel like "Sussudio" and "One More Night", you know(OK I admit the extended versions he did of those songs are cool too[plus the ballads are a big hit with the ladies, and above average, too]).

    The high point of the night was probably In The Air Tonight, where he starts blasting away on the drums-- plus the fact that he started the show off with a drum solo(eventually a trio, actually). All he had to do was add some grunge distortion to the guitar part and turn up the bass(pretty much the entire stadium vibrated), and the song was played the way it was meant to.

    He had these backup singers and a horn section with him, and you can tell he directed them not to worry about dance steps and crap like that, because they fooled around all the time. There's nothing more hilarious than a short, fat Asian guy with a trumpet trying to bump-n-grind with a reluctant bassist with a two-foot gray beard.

    There were jokes about penis size, his apologizing for children named Sussudio, telling critics to go fuck themselves, giving props to people who've been seeing shows since the 70's, explaining his final realization that "all he ever needed was a posse", and probably the best tour program that I've ever seen-- did you know he played Live Aid in Europe, then took a plane to play at the OTHER Live Aid in the US on the same day?-- yadda yadda yadda. I'm sure most of you people roll your eyes when you see the words "Phil Collins" anywhere, so whatever. That was my day. It was a present for my birthday. So there.

    I think I'll go find and watch "Frauds" again. That movie was pretty cool.
    *goes to listen to his cover of Golden Slumbers*

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    2. Bucket


      I did go see Peter Gabriel. His show was 100x better. But I go see everything Genesis- or Prog-related, so bite me. Hell, I even went to see a Genesis tribute band from Canada who recreates the old tours from the 70's, with costumes, magnesium, the whole deal.

    3. Gokuma


      That is cool.

    4. Danarchy


      Gokuma said:

      Fuck Phil Collins. See Peter Gabriel.

      And stop gaying up moshpits. The moshing I'm familiar with is more collision-oriented.

      Yeah, well this place was so packed there was literaly no room for getting a running start. Very awesome concert though.