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  1. My friend, the "sales department" of our new company, was just in here describing a new concept for a custom survey job we're doing. I was PS'ing up a background for a mock-up demonstration involving video previews. I drew a cute little monitor screen with speakers and buttons-- nothing too fancy-- when he chimes in and tells me that this isn't what our client wants. He starts going off about what buttons should be in the controls display(repeating himself a few times), and then drones on about how what I did wasn't in the original vision.

    Of course, he was telling me in a roundabout way that he didn't approve. He suggested that he could stay up a few hours so we could work on it together(no fucking way am I allowing that to happen), and talking about the brainstorming with the client that he took part in... whatever. Then he suggested I use an onyx color to fade into the black screen for more realism.

    Now, as far as I'm concerned, if you start suggesting to me what colors I should be using, it's time for you to get the fuck out. I love this guy to death-- but he constantly gets ridiculous ideas that defy basic laws of logic and/or physics. He once warned me of the dangers of making an online RPG when I was doing some project... he said I should be careful since someone could start playing the game as a spy from Microsoft or Disney and steal our source code. DO YOU HEAR ME??!? HE THINKS PEOPLE CAN STEAL THE SOURCE CODE BY HAXORING FROM INSIDE THE GAME. He also got the idea that pi could be an ideal base for a decryption program due to the randomness of its digits. When he gets that "you know what I just thought up" look on his face, it's an imminent roll-your-eyes moment for everyone in the room.

    Jesus... to think, my friend is that insufferable manager character from Dilbert with his hand on an engineer's shoulder, pointing at the computer screen telling them they should try "inserting some assembly line code here".

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    2. Psyonisis


      Fire is the solution to everything.

    3. Bucket


      darknation said:

      two retards start a computing company, hilarity ensues.

      Yeah, and I get to take directions from both of them.

      EDIT: Oh, wait, you were referring to me. Cause it's two, and I only talked about one other person... ha ha ha... ha. Ha. By the way, our company made $1900 in our first month of sales. how's YOUR company doing?

      EDIT2: Tonight I have to update pricing for our "Enterprise" version of the software. Apparently what's hurting us is that people are put off by its extremely low price. Perhaps by tacking on an extra $600 we can look more serious.

    4. Danarchy


      Numbermind said:

      how's YOUR company doing?