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  1. ...I used to be one. When I was much younger and seething with displaced hatred, I used to be able to clear a whole chatroom within an hour regardless of who happened to be in it. At that time, I was actually proud of accomplishments like this. When did I soften up? Do I, deep down, tell myself that a pasttime like this is just for kids?

    I can say with a certain amount of assurance that blogs about chatroom behavior aren't all that exciting, but I've just been pondering...

    Tonight I busted into some random chatroom(poking around in my P2P program) and decided to start some chaos. And you know, the smaller the pond, the bigger the splash(or in this case, the smaller the dick, the easier it is to swing it around). The Big Dog was there-- you know him, the most vocal of the bunch, the one whose piss-smell is everywhere, and everyone is his chewtoy. Yet everyone follows him around like he's offering them something special just by his presence.

    Well, it didn't go so well. Instead of the accepted routine, I went for the "no B.S." approach(which is risky in itself, since flamewars are 99.44% B.S.). I was kicked twice within two minutes. When I left for good, the entire room was in chaos, or more specifically, all against me. Or maybe that was the plan, and I'm sure that now, hours later, they're still trying to rip into me. To make things even sadder: if I had gone into the chatroom going "LOL U SUXOR I DID UR MOM, I COULDA BEEN UR DAD BUT THE DOG BEAT ME UP THE STEPS", I probably would've gotten this guy to give up(or even been welcomed, which if you think about it is just as likely).

    What gets me is this: how does a Big Dog evolve? He's obviously smart, because he has to be quick-witted and has to be able to pick apart whatever people say to turn it around. And yet, to be able to defend himself so easily in such a removed, anonymous type of forum-- he must have either an incredible or abysmal amount of self-confidence. At what point does this person decide that the best way they can use this sharp intellect is to ward off "trolls" or force respect upon people who'll never serve real needs other than to boost his own ego?

    For a while, I'll take myself back in time to see what it was that made me so good at this. BECAUSE I'M BORED, THAT'S WHY.

    ...Thoughts please, I might turn this into a chapter in my memoirs. Relate some of your memories as young, hormone-intoxicated trolls if you want.

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    2. Sharessa


      What the motherfuck is PMT?

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I thought it was a time zone.

    4. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      deathz0r said:
      There's a little bit of AndrewB in all of us.

      In fact, you could say that we just ate AndrewB, and he's in our stomachs right now!

      Oh wait... scratch that one.