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  1. Well, it's (un)officially happened. In two weeks, I will be receiving a check for US$8500.

    And that's only the beginning. This is the result of 6 months' dev time. Yeah, our LLC has been making $600 there, $1200 here... but this was our big project. We extended a single feature of our product for a client (essentially a limited license), which will fund our further development for the next 6 months.

    So it's $8500 up front, another $8500 when we deliver in January, and a cut of each client they pick up using our software per year. All in all, this will probably net us 40k in the next few months.

    With that in mind: I'm taking a personal vacation. All night tonight and into Sunday, I'm totally going to vegetate in front of my PC/PS2. I'm going to fire up Half-Life as soon as I'm done this post and play some Firearms, and maybe some TFC. Tomorrow, I may hook up my PS2 to play some Tony Hawk's Underground online.

    Look for the name "Bucket" in the East Coast servers.

    Everybody load up Steam and come to!!

    EDIT: Eh, that room's empty for some reason. Try instead.

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    2. Sephiroth


      i have it installed. but only for "they hunger" god that was fucking sweet.
      I hope he makes maps for doom3. totoaly sweet would be "they hunger2" for doom3.

    3. Grazza


      Sephiroth said:

      totoaly sweet would be "they hunger2" for doom3.

      It probably wouldn't be called that, given that he (Neil Manke/Black Widow Games) has already made They Hunger 2 (and They Hunger 3) for Half-Life.

    4. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      I would join you, but for some stupid reason, half-life is running shite on my box.