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  1. Here's a small snippet in my .css file:

    As you can see, the table classes are to change from a deactivated to activated appearance(via a background image) when the user rolls over a transparent image with class="transp".

    Netscape does not like this-- as usual, the closer I get to Netscape compatibility, the farther I get from IE compatibility. I'm sure this isn't anything new to you people, and I was wondering if anyone has any solutions they've come up with.

    I've Googled, and unfortunately the tutorials I've found aren't exactly what I hoped(most involve plaintext or concede that Netscape doesn't work with it). At this point, is it better to abandon Netscape users? I would say yes, seeing as how most people viewing the page would have standardized software, including browsers.

    I just may do that, unless someone suggests otherwise.

    1. insertwackynamehere


      Ok, first of all what type of rollovers are you creating? I think you meant you wanted an image to appear when you rolled over. Anyway, dont abandon Netscape (Mozilla). Why?

      a)Netscape used the W3C guidlines and IE doesn't. This is why IE doesnt display it right. However, check your HTML and CSS code for validation, make sure you have the correct Doctypes, and then IE will be as compatible as it can with your design

      b)Mozilla has proper PNG support

      c)Dont make the site Mozilla only, but if you base your site around hacks that only work with certain browsers, its a waste of time. IE tries to go away from standards and break things up, and you as a webdesigner is supposed to design by standards but at the same time herd the maverick back into the ring. In otherwords follow standards and then try to IE to do it well. Its not Netscape doing it wrong, its IE.

    2. Bucket


      That's a lovely sentiment, but for now I'm overlooking W3C standards for whatever "hacks" work on 98% of our userbase. Economically speaking, support for other browsers is an afterthought. If I have chop up my site just to get that final 2%, then forget it. I'm short on time.

      To elaborate: the background image should change when a link within the tag is highlighted by the mouse. Hence the "a:hover" part. In this case, the link would be a transparent GIF that's stretched to cover the entire cell area.