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  1. ...Is when some poor shmoe thinks he's got me cornered and a big-ass desk with my name on it. Fortunately, Grav-Gun Volleyball is an underdeveloped skill-- so it usually takes people by surprise when I splatter people with their own trash.

    Another evil thing I enjoy is sitting on the 3rd floor of Overwatch-- I camp in that little cubbyhole to the right of the stairway exit, so anyone looking to camp with the rocket launcher gets a filing cabinet upside the head and no idea where it came from. With some luck, I can do that a whole 20 times before people catch on.

    Also, Rats maps for CS:S are a good thing.

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    2. geekmarine


      Oh, if only my modding skills weren't limited to Doom!!! Curse this new-fangled technology. Looney Toons HL2 could be the greatest.

    3. deathz0r


      Numbermind said:

      Also, Rats maps for CS:S are a good thing.

      I completely disagree with this statement. Every single time I've played a Rats map, it has always turned into a "who gets the AWP first" fest.

    4. Bucket


      You're just another victim, kid.