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  1. Please take back Jimmy Carr. Alternately, I will hunt and kill him for US$500 plus expenses.
    Thank you. That is all.

    (Heard the "have you been having sex behind my back" joke one too many times)

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    2. Ichor
    3. Grazza


      Thanks for the link. I can confirm that I have never heard of him at all.

      Funny how you sometimes get British performers who become well-known Stateside but are forgotten (or are never famous) here.

    4. zark


      I saw Jimmy Carr before he was famous, at a small comedy competition during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe a couple of years ago.

      Then I saw him eating chips outside my house last year.

      For you UKers, he's actually done a fair bit. He's on Channel 4's Friday Night Project, presented various "Top 100 blahs" on Channel 4, and basically done a shit load of stuff for, you guessed it, Channel 4. He used to be quite funny but that was before he started repeating his jokes over and over.

      Ross Noble is a comic to look out for though.