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    I love it.

    Ha, you were expecting to hear me bitch about how people think they're being clever on the one day designated to outright contradiction. The real problem is that you're always compelled to wonder, "What if it's cosmic irony? What if John Carmack really did die today?"

    It's the urge to know what you dread that irritates like a burst capillary in the tip of your finger-- and that, my friends, is my Happy Place. Gullibility cannot be repressed.

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    2. Danarchy


      I hope Mitch Hedburg's death was an April Fool. But that hit the news yesterday so I dunno. :(

    3. Bucket


      No, he was in a pickup truck with Engelbert Humperdinck.
      Wait, I think he had a cold. No, a tan.

    4. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      I love being a day ahead of the USA. gives me a heads up for stuff like this.

      oh, and mcdoomworld agian? Boo!!