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  1. Why does booger consistency vary between nostrils?

    I noticed this when taking a shower. Every morning, I take a few seconds to blow out any unnecessary blockage by forcing air out of my nose. The right nostril always produces snot in convenient chunks-- but the left one always has the runny, sticky stuff that I could try blowing out for hours to no avail. There's always that little bit left that I could try picking out with my finger... if I thought that I'd actually manage to get that final glob out before I break the cavity wall and get a nosebleed.

    I'm going to ponder this for the rest of my life.

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    2. iori


      I was sick once with something, and I would shit out a pure black substance that was very acidic, and every time I shit it felt like a thousand razors cutting into my asshole.

    3. Danarchy
    4. Grazza


      Regarding the new thread title: strictly speaking, surely it isn't ejecta if it is pulled out rather than ejected.