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  1. A dialogue:

    SHE: Excuse me sir. Excuse me sir. Excuse me sir.
    ME: (whilst screaming "GODDAMNIT" repeatedly in my head) Why, hello again, miss! What can I help you with?
    SHE: I'm looking for a Band-Aid.
    ME: Of course. They're right here, next to the heating pads. (in front of your face.)
    SHE: Well, I don't know what kind to buy.
    ME: ...
    SHE: See, I cut myself at work.
    ME: I'm sorry to hear that. Do you need something larger than normal?
    SHE: Well, I cut myself on my hand (proceeds to unwrap a mess of tape and napkin to reveal an oozing gash)
    ME: Ah, I see.
    SHE: See? I cut myself here. (shoves oozing gash in my face)
    ME: Yes. Yes indeed. Thank you.
    SHE: I cut myself at work. I work at Pizza Hut. In the kitchen. I cut myself in the kitchen.
    ME: (auditing my memory for recent visits to Pizza Hut) Well, you don't really need a big bandage, but you might want this one so you can protect against infection. Here you go.

    And this is where the conversation would end for a normal person.

    SHE: Is that cloth?
    ME: Pardon me?
    SHE: I don't want a cloth Band-Aid.
    ME: It's...
    SHE: I want a different one. Whatever isn't cloth.
    ME: These are...
    SHE: Why is this box blue?
    ME: ...I...
    SHE: And this box is red?
    ME: I don't understand the question.
    SHE: The boxes are different colors.
    ME: ... ... ... Yes, they are. They're, uh, different... kinds. Of bandages. (snickering coworkers in my peripheral vision)
    SHE: So this is one kind? And this is another kind?
    ME: Different kinds, yes.
    SHE: This one is green.
    ME: Yes, yet another kind of... bandage...
    SHE: There's three different kinds. How do they come up with the colors?
    ME: Guh.
    SHE: Cause there's three different colors.
    ME: There must be a system of colors... where they, uh, decide which box should have which color. (hoping for a nuclear explosion about now)
    SHE: ...
    ME: Miss?
    SHE: ...
    ME: (I think I broke her)
    SHE: (Deeply contemplatve) So they decide, and there's a reason? Do you know how they decide? For the colors?
    ME: Well. I suppose they colored this one green because there's aloe in it.
    SHE: What's that? I don't think I want it.
    ME: Aloe is... green. Er, it comes from... it's a plant. It has...
    SHE: This doesn't make any sense.
    ME: ...special healing... powers...
    SHE: Is that like plastic?
    ME: No. Aloe and plastic are not alike.
    SHE: This bandage is for knees.
    ME: Huh?
    SHE: Is this one for knees? Because there's a knee on it.
    ME: That's just a picture. You know, of the product... in action...?
    SHE: So it's for knees. This one is for fingers, cause there's a finger on it.
    ME: No. No, Miss-- they're just pictures. You can put the bandages anywhere.
    SHE: But why do they have different pictures?
    ME: I'm not privy to information on what the boxes should look like.
    SHE: ...
    ME: (Oops, should've dumbed that down) Well, you know, maybe it's for variety. Maybe they didn't want the same picture on everything.
    SHE: Well, I don't like it. They shouldn't do that. It's too confusing.
    ME: You should write a letter.
    SHE: This is a different brand.
    SHE: The box is bigger. Plus, it's a different color. The whole box is yellow.
    ME: Yes.
    SHE: Is there...
    ME: They're relatively the same thing.
    SHE: But there might be more.
    ME: In the box? Let's see... this one has 30... and this one... they all have 30.
    SHE: How can you tell?
    ME: It's written right here.
    SHE: But the box is bigger.
    ME: That's true. But they all say '30 bandages'.
    SHE: So the box is emptier?
    ME: Probably, yes. If the bandages are the same size...

    At this point, I want to put my foot in my mouth for everything I say that makes the situation more complicated.

    SHE: Why would they make the box bigger if there's the same stuff in it?
    ME: Uh.
    SHE: Why do these boxes all have swooshy things on them?
    ME: That's the, uh, logo.
    SHE: They look weird.
    ME: It's a design concept. Uh, some guy just drew that.
    SHE: Is there a swooshy thing inside, too?
    ME: I doubt it.
    SHE: This box is blue, and the swooshy thing is blue.
    ME: (Attempting to get back on track) So why don't you want a cloth bandage?
    SHE: I work at Pizza Hut, and I don't want it to get wet.
    ME: Well, these are waterproof.
    SHE: But they're still cloth. (proceeds to open the box)
    ME: That may be-- please don't do that.
    SHE: I want to see.
    ME: They look the same as on the box. Yes, they're cloth, but they're waterproof anyway.
    SHE: I want plastic.
    ME: Miss, you have my word that these are the bandages that you want.
    SHE: I want to take them back if they're not what I want.
    ME: Of course. We have a return policy.
    SHE: What's that?

    BOOYA! In the home stretch.

    ME: You can bring it back if it's not what you want.
    SHE: Oh.
    ME: I'll take you up at the front register. Follow me...
    SHE: OK. I'm going to bring this back if... hey, these are pencils.
    SHE: Why do these pencils cost more than those?
    ME: Hmm. Well, I really can't help you with that. It isn't my area. But I'm sure this guy right here (grabbing my coworker) will be able to answer all your questions.
    COWORKER: Ah, yes. Can I help you? (I'm going to find where you live and kill you in your sleep)

    And this is why you should never start out working in retail.

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    2. myk


      Yeah, I just recalled my cousin Gaston, the astronomer, doesn't like them either (raw, at least.)

    3. Danarchy


      insertwackynamehere said:

      i dont like tomatoes but i usually take them off, or deal with it.

      Same here. I never bother ordering them without tomatoes because a) it's a lot of hassle and you usualy get them anyway, and b) sometimes I decide to eat it with tomato after all.

    4. Bloodshedder


      I never put tomatoes or onions or mayonnaise on hamburgers or sandwiches when I make them, but I usually don't bother removing them from purchased food because a) it's a waste b) it's a hassle and c) they don't taste THAT bad.