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  1. Two days ago, my cheek swelled up, because I slept on my face wrong or something. Problem is that since then, I haven't been able to eat, talk, or even swallow without my back teeth clamping down on it.

    So now I've got a cheek with swelling that won't go down because it has a raw sore on it that keeps getting bitten, and my jaw hurts like hell because of constant attempt to contort it in such a way that it won't do any more damage.

    I challenge you all to relate something more grating than this.

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    2. AirRaid


      Well at least the title of this thread correctly warned me of it's contents.

      Also Ichor - heh.

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Speaking of this topic... true story as of yesterday at work.

      I work as a teacher at a child care center (Day Care) in the 6-13 age group, or the schoolage room. At nights and other times, the preschoolers come in for the night program.

      Yesterday one of the school age children was setting up the toy cash register for a play they were performing. When the cash drawer slid open she noticed something fowl in the drawer and brought it up to me. She asked what it was... and I had my doubts. Couldn't be. One girl had just passed out Tootsie Rolls for her brithday so I had to jump to this conclusion, it was merely a spit out Tootsie Roll. My Fears were confirmed however when I did the scientifc smell test of wafting. I threw the entire toy in the dumpster and had everyone wash their hands.

    4. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      lolz pewps in the cash register!