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  1. I'll be here for the next four days. The Philadelphia Folk Festival is a yearly congregation of-- you guessed it-- folk musicians. Patrons are encouraged to camp out, bring musical instruments and be groovy to each other. I might come back with pictures (of aging hippies and saggy boobs).

    Now, some of you might well know that I am an integral part of this community-- so I regret to inform you that you'll all have to put your lives and PM's on hold until I get back.

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    2. exp(x)


      Bucket said:

      a mandolin player who used to jam with Jerry Garcia.

      David Grisman? That guy fucking rocks.

    3. Bucket


      I agree, but last year this punk kid came up on stage and totally showed him up.

    4. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      Man that sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I wish I could swim like a fish and head on over to philly. :/