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  1. My PC got a major overhaul today. I would've gotten better shit for the money at NewEgg, but going into a store with the mindset of spending $1000+ is an addictive drug. My older sister is getting my dumpy old P4.

    BFG Nforce4 motherboard
    AMD Athlon64 3200+
    GeForce 6800 GT (I tried for a 7800, I really did)
    200Gb HD, 1Gb RAM
    500W HD
    Keyboard + Mouse
    Battlefield 2 (2 copies)

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    2. iori


      I'm really happy with my BFG card.

    3. gatewatcher


      Scuba Steve said:

      Keyboard AND Mouse!?

      Why I hate American society, such excessiveness!

    4. Bucket


      Things returned:

      Video card (twice)
      Case/power supply

      Finally, to the root of the problem. It's the CPU. The locking mechanism on the motherboard bent the entire front row of pins on the CPU (presumably because the contacts aren't reinforced on both sides). The contacts must have been shorting out, causing hell. It works fine now (with the help of some warranty-voiding needle-nose plier work), but it's still going back this weekend.

      Doing so many returns has also allowed me to reconfigure my finances and come home with a 7800. OH YEAH BITCH.