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  1. 1) Hey look at this, I can boot my Mac Classic from the ROM by pressing a bunch of keys.
    2) Whee! Now to see what's wrong with my harddrive.
    3) Oh. You can't see the harddrive this way. Better find an OS.
    4) Yay, Apple gives away 6.0.8 and 7.0.1 for free!!
    5) Now to find a floppy...
    6) Crap. I decided a month ago that floppy drives were obsolete.
    7) Hey, this old P-200 has a floppy drive. I'll hook it up to the network!
    8) It has no network card, only a modem.
    9) I'll just put this here network card in...
    10) Hmm. No drivers in the database.
    11) Let's find that driver disk... the one we'd never use again and was thrown out last week.
    12) OK, I'll just burn a CD. I hope this old-ass drive doesn't balk at CD-R's.
    13) Now to find those drivers.
    14) Why the fuck am I trying to put this thing online if I'm forced to use the CD anyway? I'll just burn all the crap I need.
    15) Steps 5-14 unnecessary.
    16) Here we stand.

    1. Bucket



      Hey, this is really cool.

      This guy's company wrote a 680* emulator for retail sale. Now that Mac is switching to Intel architecture, he's reconsidering his assets. He's offered the emulator for free (using the registration info on his page) until December of next year.

      However, what he failed to include in the installer is the Simple DirectMedia Library, which is required to run the program.