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  1. Yay, I went to go see a Genesis tribute band tonight at the Tower Theatre. They recreate the shows from the 70's, which you can find out all about here.

    This time around, they're doing the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tour-- which, as some (two) of you may know was a concept double album played in its entirety on stage. The album was released in 1974, halfway through the tour, which resulted in fans walking out of the concert halls with confused faces.

    Firstly, I missed the opening because I had to take a piss. This was a constant nuisance, as I can't hold my beer that well. Never have been able to. I walked in on the first chorus.

    The first notable moment was during In The Cage (a crowd favorite), during the bridge. I'm still wondering whether or not it was intentional. You see, throughout their career, Genesis utilized an instrument called Bass Pedals, which is a sequencer-looking thing that sits on the floor and emasculates subwoofers. When it kicked in accompanied by a low organ note, it blasted throughout the entire theater and solved roach problems for the surrounding eight blocks. I, five rows away from the main speaker, literally felt my entire body... "vibrate" would be too subtle a word, maybe "rupture". My ribcage needed some time after that experience to re-attach itself to my muscles.

    Second was during The Waiting Room, Genesis's foray into Dark Amibent and freeform improvisation. I peed during some of it, but after I came in there was a specific tone at one point that caused my left ear to buzz in that very specific, god-I-hope-there's-no-blood-coming-out way. It bothered me well after that, putting a damper on what was otherwise a sublime experience.

    One thing I (and other nitpickers) noticed was that the band wasn't putting proper endings on the songs. From what I've read, they had access to video and audio sources directly from Genesis themselves, much of which isn't even in circulation among the most avid bootleggers. They decided to tack on some awkward-sounding fadeouts, which aren't exactly what you'd expect live. Even so, Genesis is known for doing that, so maybe they knew something I don't (and the one Lamb bootleg I HAVE heard is a special case). I don't claim to be an expert...

    I was glad to see they got right to the encores, and we got two of them, so I guess we were extra special. The Musical Box, which I guess is mandatory, and Watcher of The Skies. They were great to hear live, and took me back to the first time I saw these guys a few years ago.

    The band was 99.9% on point the entire concert. No sound or lighting issues that I could recognize, no bum notes. They probably missed maybe five cues between them for the entire show. The singer was a bit iffy during the monologues (Peter Gabriel was known for telling stories while the others fixed mics and tuned guitars), I guess because they had to be somewhat memorized. It was also entertaining to hear him choke back his French Canadian accent and sound more English.

    All in all, a fantastic show. If you're the type of person who wants to go to a concert of a band you've never heard of but are afraid of hearing crap, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Genesis fans are required to see this, and non-Genesis fans should go just to get educated on what a good concert with good music used to look like.

    Six stars out of five.

    1. Epyo


      tower theatre? omgoose do you live in cleveland

    2. Bucket


      No, this would be the Tower in Philadelphia.

      It looks like they're making their way to New York and then starting the Europe leg of the tour. Germany's got a shitload of venues, lucky bastards.

    3. Use


      Sounds awesome, the Lamb is my personal fav, next to Nursery Cryme.