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  1. A bunch of people are coming over because my sister is having a get-together. Reason? My mom, who found out she had cancer a few days ago. It's a little marble-sized thing near her armpit that they'll be carving out soon. At the worst, she'll have mismatched breasts for a while. My sister's more broken up about this than my mom herself is.

    Plus, I'm sure she'll watch her health a little more now, and stop smoking two packs a day... *snicker*

    Anyway: what the fuck is up with the Cancer Party concept?? Not that I'm complaining; there's chocolate cake.

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    2. DOOMinator


      Just another reason to say "LOOK AT ME! I'M AN ATTENTION WHORE!"

      If it's just a little thing near her armpit then she'll be just fine. And you obviously agree cuz you don't even seem the slightest bit phased.

      Oh and cigarettes I think only cause lung cancer...maybe throat and mouth...but nothing near the armpit the way you described it. It sounds like she has a skin tumor or something. Everything'll be fine and save me a piece of cake...

      ...or the cancer...whatever works.

    3. Coopersville


      A cancer party... with sexy results?

    4. DOOMinator


      With sexy results!