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  1. All of these people alive in my head
    Where will they go when I die
    Will they come with me or find a new home
    What would they need to get by

    What does a figment require to survive
    No physical counterpart
    No one to listen to what they all say
    Cast out of soul, mind and heart

    Someone once told me but I soon forgot
    Channels in which they traverse
    Coming and going as visitors do
    Forums in which they rehearse

    Clouds of regret in which all figments lie
    Begging and screaming our names
    Wishing us all to regress under stress
    Driving all of us insane

    Parking the car, I converse with my friends
    Sit in the path of a train
    Wait for the crushing last blow of defeat
    Hole up in my ex-girlfriend's brain

    1. spank


      Just trolling, it's nice ;)

    2. Janderson


      Bucket said:

      Sit in the path of a train
      Wait for the crushing last blow of defeat

      I did that once, except with a tuk-tuk. I strolled out at the wrong moment, realised I couldn't avoid it, braced myself. A minute or so later it hit me.

      I wasn't even floored!