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  1. A few hours ago my dad calls and tells us that the tree in the back yard has fallen over. The fucking huge one. It was rather unexpected, even considering the weather and the fact that it's so old. This was a big tree; even after he had some landscapers take off the top HALF of the tree a few years back, it still measured at about 75 feet. The base is about 4 feet in diameter. The branch span was nearly half of the entire yard.

    Anyway, this is the part you people actually find interesting: as it landed, it managed to fall on top of-- and crush-- my mom's Toyota Avalon, my dad's Porsche Carrera, a bunch of gardening equipment, another 25-foot tree and the one-piece garage that my dad had shipped in by flatbed truck THIS MORNING. So he literally had a brand new garage for half a day before a tree fell on it. The porch has also been torn up by the roots and I'm sure there'll be cracks in the driveway. Actually, the garage might be OK... it only got hit by the top branches. We're not sure though, we haven't been able to assess damage too well as there's tree everywhere.

    I went over to see if anything could be done, but by the time we got there it was too dark to get sawing. The weather was terrible too, as was the flash on my camera. I did catch this gem, though:

    Tomorrow we'll be heading back out to start up the chainsaws. I'll have better pictures afterward.

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    2. Bucket



      My dad just called to tell me he totaled the Porsche and the insurance guys valued it at $14,900. That's $500 more than he paid for it. So he went and bought himself a replacement.

      EDIT: Guy took the galleries down. Anyway, it's another 1989 Porsche 911 Carerra.

    3. Dutch Doomer

      Dutch Doomer

      O_o that sucks man poor carrera good thing nobody got injured during all this.
      Your dad has good taste nice Porsche :)

    4. Gokuma


      I knocked down a tree once.

      with my leg.

      Well it was just a rotten trunk with diameter of about five inches.

      Then I swung it around like a bo and hit another tree and the back of the trunk I was holding fell off behind me (rather than the end I hit the other tree with). It was quite hilarious. I was like "Hmm, what just broke?"