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  1. Toasted hoagies? Instant milkshakes? I'm in fucking paradise! War is over, if you want it. The cheesesteaks aren't bad either, but it doesn't beat back when they had actual grills.

    The half-gallon iced teas have been redesigned, too. Someone up at Red Roof is kicking ass.

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    2. Mancubus II
    3. Coopersville


      Homemade chicken noodle sounds delish' thanks.

    4. Ralphis


      I'm going to have to go with other. The thing I buy most often at Wawa is Tostitos (or maybe Herr's) Tortilla Chips and the Cheese/Jalepaeno(sp?) dip that ONLY wawa seems to sell. I never see it in an Acme or anything.

      The cheesesteaks aren't really that good since to make a cheesesteak you sort of need a grill. But jesus those instant milkshakes are cool as balls.