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  1. I went to my grandmother's house for her birthday. She turned 90. Pretty much everyone on my dad's side of the family was there. She seems to be pretty lucid and active for someone her age, considering her hospital visits over the last few years and a touch of dementia. My sister was complaining that Grandmom kept calling her "Donna" (my aunt). Pretty funny, but even better is when she calls my brother, my nephew AND my cousin "Brendan" (me) but she didn't know who the hell *I* was. I think she had some moments of clarity when she started smacking my brother around. She's a tough, cranky old bitch and she'll tell you so.

    In other news, I took that Mac Mini that was lying around and hooked it up to the entertainment center. I got tired of lugging PCs back and forth, so it made sense. It's kind of sluggish at 1920x1080, but 1280x720 seems to work fine (and with a surprisingly clear picture). I do still see some striping in full-screen video, but I'm hoping there's a software solution to that; maybe I can fiddle with the settings in VLC. I had attempted to do this when we first bought it but the DVI cable I used wasn't compatible... or some nonsense. Works fine with VGA, though. I plan to use it as an arcade machine / movie player. Can anyone suggest some good joystick-friendly games?

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      Street Fighter 2

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    3. Bucket


      Well, I mean Mac-native games. I've got the console thing covered.