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  1. I went to the Type O Negative show at the Troc Thursday. It was pretty good; it wasn't a really wild crowd but they were glad to be there. There were 2 opening acts. The first guys (didn't even catch their name) were downright awful. I'll bet the drummer's uncle worked there or something. The crowd booed them, which was hilarious. The second band was tight, but the music was still awful. They were like hardcore Nickelback, basically. The singer looked like a bouncer and kept telling the crowd to go apeshit and mosh, but nobody cared enough (it's bad enough they expected us to go crazy for midtempo garbage).

    Type O were awesome, though. Unfortunately, Peter said he had some kind of back injury and he sat in a chair for most of the show. I could tell he was hopped up on muscle relaxers. They pretty much stuck to the standards-- not that there's anything wrong with that (their new album is great, by the way).

    I bought a PS3 on Wednesday, but I really didn't have a chance to check it out until last night. We had an issue trying to find an HDCP-enabled HDMI-to-DVI cable, but once we worked that out everything looked great. Bought three movies and Resistance: Fall of Man.

    Funny thing is, I went to Circuit City (who is backed by Microsoft) and we couldn't find the PS3 games OR the Blu-Ray movies. Talking to a salesperson, I find out that they moved the PS3 and Wii games behind the Customer Service counter because they "had a bunch of them get stolen". Strange that no one thought to steal any 360 games. On top of that, the Blu-Ray display was waaaaay at the back in a dark corner of the store by the widescreen TV's, but the HD-DVD rack was 10 feet from the front door.

    Anyway... Resistance is a standard shooter, nothing fancy, it's certainly not as flashy as Gears of War-- but the graphics are twice as slick as anything I've seen on the 360. I can't wait to check out the multiplayer. In fact, I think I'll go do that now...

    1. AndrewB


      Bucket said:

      I bought a PS3 on Wednesday,


    2. Sharessa


      I'd love to see TON in concert some day. They rule.

      What you said about the opening acts reminds me of when I saw Skinny Puppy in concert. Some band that was started by some guy who was in NIN once opened for them and they were really boring. Everyone jammed in to the front of the venue to get in place for Puppy though so these guys were playing and the crowd was just standing there silently staring at them. No one was dancing or anything. Must have made the band really nervous haha. The crowd went fucking wild when Puppy started up though.