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    2. Danarchy


      I remember that game. My friends and I could never get past the room with the disappearing platforms. We could reach it with full lives and still get our asses kicked by it. :(

    3. Csonicgo


      darknation said:

      He also demands you play the original NES mutant turtle game until you cry, and record the bitter experience of it all.

      I've seen this done. The dam level is pure hell. In fact I think it's damn near impossible to beat the game with all four turtles intact.

      I'd give a fiver to the person that could do that. Because in my experiences, it can't be done. and I could play Kirby's adventure without getting hit once- which is hard as hell to do if you're playing in the extra game low health mode.

      Damnit, I need to get my NES out again and relive my childhood. :(

    4. Danarchy


      Man, that brings back memories. I love that helicopter level.