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  1. My 1974 Porsche 914 cleans up pretty nice.

    The interior got a once-over, too.

    Pay no mind to my daily driver in the background, the 99 Corolla. It was built to look like shit and last forever.

    Dad's 1989 Carerra also needed washing. He parks the damn thing under a tree.


    Also hot.

    My brother-in-law doesn't quite get it. Sure, his 1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT Twin Turbo VR4 is unique and goes fast-- but people still ask him if it's an Eclipse.

    My next car will either be a 928 or a Thing. I'm also looking to get a 2004 Lincoln Town Car.


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    2. Bucket


      Dr. Zin said:

      Is this the same car that got smashed by the tree?

      No, that is the car he bought with the insurance money from the car that got smashed by the tree. Upgrade!

      Oh, and I drive a '03 Toyota 4Runner. Should last about a million miles.

      Heh, my dad also has one of those. I despise it. It sways like a flag pole.

    3. AirRaid


      I love the 914 and the 911.

      The 3000GT is kinda sexy but ruined by those stupid headlights. Also it weighs more than several elephants.

      Having said that my car sucks balls so yeah, I'd rather drive a 3000GT. :P

    4. alexz721


      I drive a Buick.