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  1. The brother-in-law is refurnishing the house. First on the agenda was a new entertainment center, complete with 1080p projector. We bought a 100" screen for it and there are mountings and other things to consider, but we had to test it out first. Of course. Wouldn't want to have shoddy hardware when it's too late to return...

    Mmmm yeah.

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    2. Bucket


      They were suspiciously absent from this game. But while playing a competitive round of Tiger Woods, there was much crotch-poking and nose-picking. The fairway was also littered with dogs chasing the ball.

    3. Bucket


      Also, I've just bought a Wii. About half an hour ago. It's going to sit in my closet until I can give it to my niece and nephew for Christmas. Although I wonder if I should give it to my grandparents instead...

    4. spank


      100" GT5 :C