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  1. Compaq Presario F761us

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 1.8GHz
    1024Mb DDR2 RAM
    150Gb HDD
    GeForce 7000M 128Mb shared

    First thing I did was uninstall Vista Home (why you put a 32-bit OS on a 64-bit system is beyond me). Formatted and discovered that HP makes a partition just for their shovelware. How awfully presumptuous of them. In its place I installed Vista Ultimate. Protip: when you're changing a laptop OS, write down the names of all the hardware and find out the motherboard's chipset. Usually you can tell by the video card.

    Vista doesn't seem like much of a "resource hog", and it's not running slow at all-- although it does take a whole lot longer to boot than XP64. Too early to tell how games/apps run in Vista; I hope to find out this week.

    1. Bucket


      This just in: Doom 3 runs pretty well on Medium Quality. Not bad for a laptop that cost $469 (after rebates, of course).